My favourite Spotify feature is coming this week

That's a wrap on 2023

Spotify Wrapped
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It's time to start listening to your most socially acceptable songs on a loop again in an effort to hide your Taylor Swift addiction. That's right, Spotify Wrapped 2023 is coming very soon. 

Let's be honest, for me (and millions of others) Ms Swift is going to be my number one played artist, but Spotify Wrapped is my favourite time to be on the music streaming service. I love to see my friend's top 5 artists and top 5 individual songs, and Wrapped presents this information in an easy to share way.

Personally, I've been keeping track since 2018 and if you must know my "Top Artists" back then were Bleachers, John Mayer, The 1975, Chance the Rapper and Coldplay. I expect 2023 to look very different (with only Bleachers likely to still be up there), but that's the beauty of lists like these. 

When is Spotify Wrapped 2023? 


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Although there is no precise date for Wrapped 2023, it is almost certainly coming this week. Last year the roundup launched on the 30th of November while in 2021 it was the 1st of December.

Alerts spotted on the Spotify app have also referenced the imminent launch of Wrapped 2023 so we'd be astounded if it takes any longer than this week. 

What is Spotify Unwrapped?


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Unwrapped is simple, it's the soundtrack to your life. Spotify collates all of your listening data for the year and spits out your top artists, top songs and most played podcasts. It will even tell you how long you spent listening to Spotify in total and what percentage rank you are with your favourite artists, i.e. are you in the top 1% of Swifties? 

What makes it super popular is that it produces an easy-to-share (via social media of course) one-screen summary of all the key information and also a playlist that you can send to others. 

Spotify's social features are some of the best parts of the service, like the ability to create a blended playlist between friends. 

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