My favourite Spotify feature is better than ever

Will it blend?

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I bet you think you have pretty good taste in music right? We all do, but we now have a way to measure exactly how cool our ears are thanks to Spotify, and compare our tastes with some famous faces. 

The music streamer introduced its 'blend' feature back in 2021 with the ability to get a custom playlist comprised of your favourite songs, and those of your favourite artists. To start with it was a pretty small selection but now however there is a wide choice of artists and, thanks to Spotify's sponsorship with Barcelona, a number of footballers. How else was I supposed to know that K-pop sensations BTS and I have a 66% match in our musical tastes? Or that Robert Lewandowski loves Reggaeton? Maybe you think you can beat my 78% music match score with Miley Cyrus?

All you have to do to check how you match up to these famous faces is visit this page on Spotify's own website and select a celebrity to blend with.

The other way to use this feature is to blend with a friend (they should use that). It's something I still use a lot today when making new friends. I feel like getting a custom playlist of your shared tastes, and a bit of each of your unique favourites too, is a nice icebreaker. What's great is it refreshes each day as well.

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If you're looking to really get to know a friend and feel brave enough to share your listening habits with them, then on the Spotify mobile app simply select the 'Your Library' tab, then the '+' symbol in the top right corner and select 'blend'.

This is of course a bit of fun but it's really handy to find new music too, especially if you do it with someone whose recommendations you trust. It's little features like this that distinguish Spotify from other services like Apple Music and Tidal. Like I said this feature has been around since 2021 but every time I mention it to friends they have never heard of it before. A bit like some of my more obscure favourites. Get blending. 

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