MoonSwatch Moonshine edition revealed with gold second hand: Where to buy one

MoonSwatch Mission to Moonshine Gold is available today in just four locations worldwide

Swatch MoonSwatch Mission to Moonshine
(Image credit: Swatch)

Swatch has revealed a new member of its incredibly popular – and difficult to buy – MoonSwatch range.

Teased earlier this week, the new model looks just like the Mission to The Moon model, but features a second hand coated in Omega’s 18k ‘Moonshine’ yellow gold alloy, which is made from recycled gold.

Priced at £250, the watch is slightly more expensive than the other members of the MoonSwatch family – and you can bet your bottom dollar that it’ll be even more difficult to buy. This is because the Moonshine version is only available in four locations worldwide.

Along with their on-sale times, these are:

  • Nihonbashi, Kabuto One, Tokyo, Japan: 6:30pm JST
  • Paradeplatz/Peterhof, Zurich, Switzerland: 7:00pm CET
  • Piazza Affari/Galleria Meravigli, Milan, Italy: 7:00pm CET
  • The Royal Exchange, London, UK: 6:00pm GMT

Swatch MoonSwatch Moonshine

(Image credit: Swatch)

Posting on Instagram, Swatch said: “This special seconds hand has been produced exclusively during the full moon of February, as stated in the certificate that comes with the watch.”

The company added how the special edition will be available in the above four places today (7th March), followed by “other locations during the next full moon.” Swatch added: “It is not limited and not available online.”

We thought Swatch might have added an all-gold (or at least gold-coloured) MoonSwatch to the lineup, as a riff on the precious-metal Omega Speedmasters given to Apollo astronauts.

Swatch MoonSwatch Moonshine box

(Image credit: Swatch)

Instead, this is still the same bioceramic MoonSwatch we know and love, with the same black dial and bezel that closely resembles the regular Speedmaster, and a velcro strap.

The watch comes with a special black and gold-coloured box and a certificate to say the gold-coated second hand was created during the February full moon.

Amusingly, Swatch admits that “not enough” Moonshine models have been made. We dread to think how high prices will be on the second-hand market later today...

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