Monster Hunter celebrates 10th birthday with insane guitar

Monster Hunter's 10th anniversary marked with insane $22,000 guitar

Monster Hunter has marked its 10th anniversary with the release of a $22,000 guitar shaped like a rather lethal looking sword

What did you do to celebrate your tenth birthday? We're betting that whatever it was it wasn't as lavish as what Capcom and its partners did to mark the 10th anniversary of its Monster Hunter gaming franchise.

ESP has produced a rather savage looking guitar to commemorate Monster Hunter's birthday, which is apparently modelled on one of the game's weapons - the Rathalos Firesword.

According to the Monster Hunter Wiki, this sword turns its slashes in wild arcs of flame.

The sword costs the princely sum of 2.3 million Yen in Japan, which converts to around $22,000 Stateside (around £13,000 in the UK) and prospective buyers will be happy to note that a case is included in the price. It's not cheap, but hey, nothing worth having is.

That having been said, we at T3 do wonder what exactly who this item would appeal to. Don't get us wrong, we're all for expensive tech and game collectible, but £13,000 for a novelty guitar is steep in anyone's books.

Unless, of course, you're a member of the Finnish shock metal outfit Lordi, and you're in the market for a new axe that matches the visual aesthetic your band. Then this purchase might make sense...

Nick Cowen

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