Millions of Netflix users to get an essential search-fixing update

Incoming update makes it easier to find hidden gems

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If you’re like me then you’ll occasionally boot up Netflix on your phone just to add interesting-looking shows and movies to your ‘list’, usually while you’re supposed to be working. When it comes to watching them, however, it’s very easy to let some slip through the cracks and sit unloved on your list forever. 

Talking to The Verge, Netflix confirmed that users are about to get increased control over their curated selections on mobile devices. Not only will you be able to sort by ‘unwatched’ and ‘watched’, but users will also be able to filter their lists alphabetically, the order they added titles and by release date. This means that if you set enough time aside, you might finally be able to catch up on the ever-expanding library of one of the best streaming services. According to Netflix, this update will roll out to Android starting next week, before making its way to iOS in the weeks after.

Netflix isn’t stopping there however with another upgrade coming to the TV app. A ‘Coming Soon’ row will be… coming soon, to show imminent movies and series that might be up your alley while you will also be able to set a notification to receive reminders when your favourite shows get new series and episodes (like I Think You Should Leave). I doubt on the other hand that you’ll get a similar notification when Netflix inevitably cancels everything you love.

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Netflix of course is also dabbling in games these days and May has seen the release of three new mobile games with Transformers: Forged to Fight and Laya's Horizon out now alongside World of Goo Remastered, an ingenious puzzler brought right up to date. May 31st will also see Dungeon Boss: Respawned launch.

It's great to see a giant like Netflix still striving to improve its user experience, particularly in the face of competition like Disney Plus and Apple TV.

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