Microsoft Teams update spells trouble for Zoom with tool to control how you view meetings

Microsoft working on flexible viewing modes for Microsoft Teams – Zoom should take note

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You may have seen the recent news of the upcoming diet version of Microsoft Teams, which promises to extend the Microsoft Teams experience to less powerful machines.

Now, Microsoft Teams has announced further news that may see it get a glossy new user-viewing overhaul when video conferencing, all thanks to a new feature that wants to change how we interact through our camera on Microsoft Teams. 

The view switcher tool could enable colleagues and friends who are taking part in video calls on the platform to flick between several views of a particular call’s workstream in a much more flexible and practical way than is currently available. 

When it launches, it should mean that you can take the reigns on how you see a meeting’s content without affecting other callers, as the platform looks to build on other recent updates, such as Microsoft Teams' AI-controlled noise suppression to banish sounds that interfere with calls. 

Microsoft Teams view-switcher

(Image credit: Microsoft)

According to the report, the switcher tool manifests as several new viewing modes: ditch visual distractions using Together Mode, which lets you engage with colleagues naturally on Microsoft Teams; another setting, Gallery, shifts all participants’ video feeds to the top of the meeting window, accommodating a more natural eye gaze with others. 

This is good for when that video-conferencing fatigue sets in on a PC machine, like something from our best laptop guide or, indeed, T3's ultra-prestigious best lightweight laptops for the best in portable computing.

With Zoom set to make its live transcription feature available to all users and not just premium subscribers, it’s important for Microsoft Teams to stay on its A-game. With that said, there's more on offer: the view switcher tool includes a mode called Focus, concealing Microsoft Teams' video feed and shifting attention to shared content.

We think it sounds like a great update for sore eyes, and this new feature for Microsoft Teams could be best put to practical use on a home-working specialist like the EIZO EV2795-BK FlexScan monitor, as part of a solid home office setup. Stay tuned for more info when it eventually releases.

Source: TechRadar

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