EIZO EV2795-BK FlexScan monitor: perfect for the modern workstation

Versatile, simple, and flexible – the EIZO FlexScan EV2795 should be at the heart of every home office

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EIZO EV2795-BK FlexScan monitor review
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EIZO positions the EV2795-BK FlexScan as the ideal choice for setting up a modern home office with company devices as well as private computers. It delivers to this and more, oozing reliability from its smart design, and satisfying a variety of home and office requirements.

Reasons to buy
  • +

    Seamless daisy-chaining via USB-C

  • +

    Impeccable stand and nifty height adjustment

  • +

    Beautifully touch-sensitive user controls

Reasons to avoid
  • -

    Weak 1W speakers

  • -

    No 4K resolution

  • -

    Refresh rate could be higher

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Before I start, this EIZO EV2795-BK FlexScan monitor review won't be for everyone. For a 27-inch monitor, it is expensive, but if you think you'll make the most of it then it's undoubtedly one of the best 4K monitors in the world. 

EIZO is known for its top-quality home office kit and the EIZO EV2795-BK FlexScan only supports that. 

Since the rise of hybrid working, this monitor has found itself in its element because people everywhere need a comfortable and effective desk set up in their house. But unlike ever before, the screen also needs to be versatile enough to use when they're done with the day  - perhaps to stick on a TV show or delve deep into a videogame. 

It’s in the home office that we reviewed the EIZO EV2795-BK FlexScan, and it’s where it truly belongs: versatile, easy to operate, and extensively equipped to reinvigorate your remote setup. It's equally suited to the corporate desk rows of the pre-lockdown office environment. If you're interested to know more, take a look at how we test at T3.

The EV2795-BK FlexScan monitor is a fully functional docking station, which includes a LAN connection and a charging port for the computer. Dual-screen systems are a breeze to set up, and we effortlessly daisy-chained a number of monitors through USB-C for a peppy multiple-monitor rig. 

By not aiming to overdeliver, EIZO has actually created a monitor that offers bags of flexibility beyond its initial purpose. It's found the sweet spot between work and the hours spent using your monitor for leisure – and all of this is encased in a strapping minimalistic design that sits just as well in corporate environments, as it does as the centerpiece of your home office. How's the 27-inch EV2795-BK FlexScan done it? Discover all the details below. 


(Image credit: EIZO)

EIZO EV2795-BK FlexScan review: Design and setup

EIZO pulls out all the design stops with the EV2795-BK FlexScan. It's a hulking home office specialist: at once an impeccable USB-C docking station, which seamlessly lets you pair up multiple monitors from a single USB-C port, alongside three USB-A ports to connect your ancillary devices. It's also a seriously good-looking piece of kit. 

Anyone working from home can vouch for the benefits of added screen real estate; moreover, the importance of seeing your laptop spring into life in the morning, which is easily achieved through the USB-C port delivering a 70-watt power supply to keep your laptop alive and charged around the clock.

The EV2795-BK FlexScan sports EIZO's elegant ergonomic stand: adjust the height, tilt the screen, and swivel it to locate your preferred viewing angle. In several weeks’ testing, we had no complaints of neck pain – no matter how good a monitor performs, it shouldn’t sacrifice your posture, especially with the time spent in front of the screen. 

The EIZO EV2795-BK FlexScan offers continuous height change, nearly lowering to the baseplate. It’s great for showing friends and colleagues what’s on your screen when in situ of the desk chair, otherwise allowing you to bring the screen’s top image line to eye level. This is useful when tweaking the screen throughout the day, particularly as we recline, sit up, and change our bodily position as the day rolls on.

Ergonomic is a word that gets banded around a lot when talking about the home office, but the Japanese firm is a master of the craft, and the monitor is engineered to meet a mix of viewing needs.

EIZO EV2795-BK FlexScan

(Image credit: EIZO)

EIZO EV2795-BK FlexScan review: Performance

At T3, we're a fan of EIZO because it takes the road less traveled when it comes to its hardware, choosing performance perfectly attuned to its many products' environments, rather than trying to be all things to all people at once. 

And, as with the EV2795-BK FlexScan, it doesn't flap about as a generalist monitor but sets out to exceed expectations with what it knows best. It's not a gaming monitor, nor does it ever try to be with a modest maximum refresh rate of 60Hz. To this end, it's clearly not geared towards gaming fans, who’ll want at least 75Hz and, ideally, a 120Hz refresh rate paired with a super low response time.

With this said, the EIZO EV2795-BK FlexScan's 60Hz refresh rate handles business just fine. The home office, work, or any environment within this realm doesn't need anything more, and it's akin to a premium webcam or an expensive mouse – sure, it's nice to have, but do you really need it?

EIZO's FlexScan monitor is undoubtedly expensive: launching at upwards of $1,000 / £800 / AU$1,500, and there’s no 4K resolution. Before you ditch it up in arms, a display with all the bells and whistles is not the aim of this monitor: what the 27-inch EV2795-BK does do with its 16:9 display at 2,560 x 1,440-resolution is to deliver top-tier performance within the office setting.

Pop it in sRGB mode, the FlexScan EV295-BK flattens the colors well, providing an accurate picture. Using the monitor, we didn't encounter a need for this setting: ready to go straight out of the box, the EV2795-BK FlexScan didn’t warrant a great deal of tinkering with the settings. The colors were accurately reproduced off a Windows PC, while the user configuration buttons on the screen's bottom bezel are feathery, responsive, and make a satisfying click sound when pressed. It's the small details that make EIZO tick, and we're certainly on board. 

One downside to EIZO's EV295-BK monitor is the speakers. At only 1W output, the sound from the FlexScan is lackluster at best, only really viable for basic Zoom and Skype calls in quiet surroundings. Unlike the more expensive EIZO ColorEdge line of models, the EV295-BK also isn't for photography professionals insofar as it doesn't pledge – and can't meet – up to 99% coverage of the Adobe RGB gamut for best-in-class color accuracy. But again, the target user doesn't need this, and will not be disappointed with the vibrancy of the 27-inch EV2795-BK's display that more than suffices.

EIZO EV2795-BK FlexScan

(Image credit: EIZO)

EIZO EV2795-BK FlexScan review: Price and Verdict

At a price of £785 (roughly $1,084 / AU$1,420) when reviewed, this is an expensive monitor no matter how you spin it: such pricing may leave some users understandably miffed at the lack of 4K for the price. However, this belies the precision-like nature of the EIZO EV2795-BK FlexScan, and its proper field of operation. In other words, the price must be taken in the context of its wider offering. 

It comes with a watertight five-year warranty, which also provides six months' coverage for more nuanced – and no less annoying issues – such as bright pixels that can develop on monitors' screens. Your peripherals will be glad of the robust docking station the EV2795-BK FlexScan offers, too, plus the flawless link-up of multiple monitors for the ultimate home office rig.

Eizo's 27-inch EV2795 is every inch the masterclass, comprising all the elements of what an ergonomic home and office monitor is when done correctly: while not being overly specialized as to alienate casual users, it's a multi-functional monitor that has reliability at its core, but ultimately delivers much, much more. 

It's the perfect peace of mind machine, not once a cause for concern when we used it, and instinctively feels like it will be defect-free over the long term. In part, this is due to the visible physical brawn of the 27-inch EV2795 FlexScan, but there's something to be said for that latent faith in a purchase that grows (or declines) as you use it. Without going overboard, EIZO's EV2795-BK FlexScan built that trust with us from the offset.

If you need a truly reliable monitor with multi-faceted functionality, then look no further than the EIZO EV2795-BK FlexScan. When boiled down to a question of price versus performance, the EV2795 warrants the extra cost. Measured over the course of a few years, we think it'll pay back the extra cost and more in the reliability it affords over cheaper monitors. Other monitors may offer better specs on paper but simply can't compete with the palpable benefits that the EIZO EV2795-BK FlexScan heaps on its users.

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