Microsoft Surface Duo launching outside the US and it's the cheapest foldable around

Microsoft's foldable smartphone launches internationally next week and US customers now get $400 off!

Microsoft Surface Duo
(Image credit: Microsoft)

Microsoft entered the foldable fray last year, when it launched its Surface Duo in the US in September. It's taken five long months, but the device is finally going to be available in other regions starting next week.

And in other good news, US customers are getting a $400 price drop on the $1,399 launch price, meaning it's just $999; that's even cheaper than the newly discounted Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5G which is sporting a fresh $1199.99 price tag for American customers right now. 

Motorola is also looking to entice buyers looking for an affordable foldable, having cut the price of the Moto Razr to $999. Now the Surface Duo is the cheapest foldable smartphone available in the US, alongside the Moto Razr.

Everyone else in the world can get their hands on the Surface Duo on February 18 – or at least customers in the UK, Canada, France, and Germany. If you're wondering how much the dual-screen foldable will set you back, it's priced from £1,349 in the UK, and €1,549 in Germany. Microsoft hasn't disclosed all of the regional pricing just yet. 

The US price cut might give Microsoft a chance to claw back some ground in the foldable sector, although the form factor of the Surface Duo is unique enough that it's not quite a foldable, but finds itself competing against the smartphones regardless. 

With almost half a year to hash out a plan for success, the price drop seems to be a sure-fire way to encourage people to opt for the Microsoft Surface Duo over the pricier Galaxy Z Fold 2, which comes in at $1,999 / £1,799 / AU$2,999. 

Source: via Express

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