Microsoft Sculpt vs Logitech K350: which is the better ergonomic keyboard?

We compare the Microsoft Sculpt and Logitech K350 to find the best ergonomic keyboard for most people

Microsoft Sculpt vs Logitech K350
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If you're like us, you spend a lot of your life sat at a desk (or, recently, slouched on the sofa) tapping away, something that could do damage to your hands and wrists. To help alleviate this problem, we've tested loads to find the best ergonomic keyboards and today we're comparing the Microsoft Sculpt and Logitech K350. 

Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI) is a big deal and while you may not have it at present, typing on cramped keyboards in the same position is the fastest and easiest way to get there. While ergonomic keyboards are no panacea, they do go a long way to helping prevent the worst aches and pains.

As you would expect, Microsoft and Logitech are two of the leaders when it comes to friendly, usable keyboards. Instead of being split in two (which is an option!), the Sculpt and K350 feature a comfort curve, helping reduce strain on your joints.

So, if you're looking to up your level of comfort when typing, let's jump into our comparison between the Microsoft Sculpt and Logitech K350. 

Microsoft Sculpt vs Logitech K350

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Microsoft Sculpt vs Logitech K350: features

As we said, both models include a curved design, as opposed to being in two separate halves, which offers a nice relaxing typing experience that doesn't induce strain over long periods of typing. While you might be missing some of the flexibility, we think curved ergonomic keyboards look great and work well.

Both the Sculpt and K350 occupy the mid-to-high-end of the market, setting you back somewhere in the region of £60, although Microsoft bundles a wireless mouse and number pad with the Sculpt, making it excellent value compared to pretty much all rivals. The mouse isn't anything crazy, but it's definitely a nice touch. 

Both are powered by two AA batteries for months-long usage and come with comfortable wrist-pads at the bottom of the keyboards. The K350 also includes a set of customisable hot keys at the top, while the Sculpt's keys are all accounted for.

One thing we would note is the K350 has a row of multi-media keys at the top that are poorly positioned to say the least, especially on a keyboard designed to reduce wrist strain. 

Ultimately, the Sculpt and K350 are basically identical when it comes to features, with very little separating them. 

Microsoft Sculpt vs Logitech K350

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Microsoft Sculpt vs Logitech K350: design

While the Sculpt and K350 look pretty similar, there is one big difference: Microsoft decided to build in a split in the middle of the keyboard, while Logitech spread the keys over the full curve. (Look at the two side-by-side and you'll see what we mean.)

On balance, we prefer the more stripped-back look at the Sculpt, with genuinely curved keys that make for an extra comfy design. As we said, the K350 comes with some ill-placed media keys that are hard to reach and increase strain somewhat. 

But the two keyboards are designed in pretty much the same way and so have broadly the same effect when typing. We prefer the Microsoft keyboard, but that doesn't mean the Logitech is worse. 

Microsoft Sculpt vs Logitech K350

(Image credit: Microsoft)

Microsoft Sculpt vs Logitech K350: verdict

The Microsoft Sculpt and Logitech K350 are two of the best ergonomic keyboards on the market and you'll likely be happy with either of them. Both offer an attractive 'wave' design, long-lasting battery, and assorted accessories. 

For our money, Microsoft bundling the number pad and a wireless mouse with the Sculpt – plus the attractive 'split' keyboard design – makes it the winner here, but Logitech's option is really strong, especially with a decent deal that gets you a mouse as well. 

Whichever way you go, getting an ergonomic keyboard is a great way to avoid RSI and save your hands and wrists some effort as you type away. 

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