Microsoft could get Android app support for Xbox

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Following news that Windows 11 will enable Android apps to run on your PC, Microsoft could have let slip that it's testing out Android app support for Xbox, as well. 

When it eventually arrives, Android app support on Windows 11 will enable users to use a mix of the best mobile apps from the comfort of a laptop, Windows tablet, or desktop. Previously the preserve of only the best Android phones, the new support would massively increase the utility of these apps. It now appears Microsoft is eyeing up a similar format for the Xbox.

First spotted by XDA-Developers, a newly-released Windows Subsystem for Android has appeared on the Microsoft Store. The listing has Xbox featured as compatible hardware, with the Xbox One and newer consoles having the supposed requirements needed to run the app, which possibly suggests that these consoles could offer Android app support sometime in the future.

Microsoft has made no move to officially confirm that its consoles could offer support for Android apps in the future, and the app is still only intended for internal testing, meaning it would only be in its developmental infancy. Despite the speculation, it may still never see the light of day.

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Windows 11 is now confirmed to launch on October 5, which has sent waves of excitement through the community. Should Xbox get Android app support, it will be a real boon to cross-platform users, who relish the chance for the enhanced utility of their favorite apps.

Aside from console-related news, if you're interested in whether your laptop can actually run the new Windows OS, then there's already an app that lets you determine its Windows 11 compatibility. Otherwise, you can check out all the top new features heading to Windows 11 to give you a taste of what Microsoft has in store come October 5.

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