Microsoft confirmed to have ditched the Surface Mini

The late slate can finally rest in peace

A moment of silence, please, for the dearly departed Surface Mini. We're sure you would've been a fine tablet...

It's confirmed folks - Microsoft officially binned the Surface Mini, despite assured rumours that we'd be seeing a smaller Surface slate this year.

TechRadar uncovered the admission buried within Microsoft's latest earnings report revealing that the Surface Mini was axed last minute.

"Current year cost of revenue included Surface inventory adjustments resulting from our transition to newer generation devices and a decision to not ship a new form factor," says Microsoft in the report.

It's a bit babbly, but what they're effectively saying is they decided against flogging a smaller tablet, instead sticking with the flagship Surface as prime contender for slate market share.

We expected Microsoft to launch the Mini alongside the Surface Pro 3 but to no avail, and all chatter of the pint-sized tab petered out into the grapevine graveyard.

It's surprising news, especially since the Pro 3 handbook was riddled with references to the Surface Mini. Alas, 'twas not to be.

Via TechRadar