Microsoft arms Xbox Two with PS5 pummelling super weapon

Xbox gamers are about to have their "wildest dreams" made real

Xbox Two is PS5 killer codename Scarlett

Microsoft looks set to arm its forthcoming Xbox Two, codenamed Scarlett, with a PS5 pummelling super weapon designed to achieve just one thing — break Sony PlayStation's current domination in the console market.

Right now, more than twice as many PlayStation 4s have been sold compared to the Xbox One and, with Sony seemingly scheduling its Playstation 5 release date shockingly early next year (enabled by a secret Skunk Works-style covert operation), the Xbox division needed to arm up in order to combat the next-generation threat.

Xbox 2 Two PS5 PlayStation 5 console Scarlett

Xbox boss Phil Spencer has said that the next Xbox will "set the benchmark for console gaming."

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The result, as reported by GameReactor, is that Microsoft has not only loaded the Xbox Two with insanely powerful hardware and elite next-generation features, but has also purportedly started to write blank cheques to its game studios so that they can make the titles of their "wildest dreams".

The GameReactor piece reports on comments made by YouTuber boogie2988, who recounts how he had a conversation with Xbox's Mike Ybarra where these comments were made:

"He [Mike] said we basically went in there to those companies and said: 'what project do you wanna make?' And they are like 'what's our budget?' And he's 'I don't think you understand, that's not our question, our question is what games do you want to make? We are Microsoft and we have the budget, we just want to know what game you want to do, what are your wildest dreams,'"

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Access to Microsoft's deep financial resources for first-party studio game development could be a generation-winning play.

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While this could be taken as flag-waving, fanboy-pleasing bluster, it would make sense as a strategy given that Microsoft has spent much of the past couple of years buying up prominent game studios, including Undead Labs, Ninja Theory, Obsidian, Inxile, Compulsion, and Playground.

And, well, it would hardly make sense to buy up a load of game makers only to then pull the financial rug from under their feet. And especially so when Xbox currently trails PlayStation by such a massive distance in terms of install base and popularity.

One of the major reasons Sony has been dominating the console market with the PS4 is the exhaustive list of exclusive titles, with the likes of God of War and Spider-Man offering amazing experiences that simply can't be played on Xbox One.

This is a strength that Sony will obviously take into the PS5 generation, too, and clearly Microsoft is currently looking to launch a counter-offensive of jaw-dropping exclusives for Xbox Two.

While it is unclear who will win the next generation console war, thanks to developments like this one thing is certain, gamers on both PlayStation 5 and Xbox Two look set to win big, with awesome new games hitting their powerhouse gaming hardware with increased frequency.