Meta Quest headsets get free upgrade adding one of Apple Vision Pro's best features

Meta Quest 2 and 3 headsets now make travelling much more fun

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Travel mode has arrived for the Meta Quest 3 and Quest 2 headsets that optimises experiences for air flight.

There are plans to add optimisations for other forms of transport as well.

Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg has taken to Instagram to unveil a new feature rolling out to Meta Quest headsets now.

Like the rivalling Apple Vision Pro, the Meta Quest 3 and Quest 2 now have a travel mode, allowing users to swap in-flight entertainment for mixed reality experiences when on a plane.

That means you can sit back and watch a movie on a virtual cinema screen that seems much bigger than the seat-back display, play games, or even work without the distraction of the aircraft around you.

Zuckerberg has teased the feature before, but his latest Instagram post shows him personally enjoying the feature while flying.

Of course, he's not exactly say in economy, so has a bit more room to play with when holding the Quest Touch controllers. You might be a little more restricted in cattle class.

It seems a pretty neat feature though, which looks to be enhanced further if you've connected your device to on-board Wi-Fi. That way you could browse the internet and keep in touch with others through in-headset chat services.

According to Meta, when travel mode is activated, dedicated algorithms take the motion of a plane into account. That will ensure a "stable and consistent experience", it claims.

Other modes of transport are being worked on too, with optimisation for the likes of trains to roll out in future.

In addition to travel mode, Meta has partnered with German airline Lufthansa to offer custom mixed reality content to business class customers.

This will include an immersive cinema experience with a library of movies and TV shows, spatial video podcasts from prominent travel podcasters, interactive games, and the ability to look at travel destinations in a bird's-eye view.

"Through the cooperation with Meta, two innovative market leaders can open the next chapter of in-flight entertainment and offer guests completely new experiences," said the airline's head of future intercontinental experience, Björn Becker.

Meta Quest 2 and 3 owners can upgrade their devices with travel mode integration now.

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