iPhone 5: Men willing to give up sex for it, study finds

A new poll has found men are willing to go celibate if it meant getting the iPhone 5 early

The iPhone 5 release date is rumoured to be just a month away - and it would seem men are willing to go to any lengths to get their hands on it, according to a poll

One in eleven men would be willing to go celibate for a month if it meant getting their hands on the new iPhone 5 two weeks early, according to a survey.

That is the result of a poll conducted by RoxyPalace.com, which also found that 22 per cent of the 800 men questioned were prepared to give up coffee for the same period, while 14 per cent would go alcohol-free if it meant snagging Apple's next-gen device ahead of its rumoured September 21 release date.

In addition, 38 per cent of respondents said they'd make a 'significant sacrifice' if it meant they didn't have the queue for the popular handset.

A RoxyPalace spokesperson said: “[The iPhone 5 release date] is just over a month away and it seems many of the people we spoke to would happily abstain from physical intimacy if it meant they could get their hands on the smartphone early.

“On the face of it this seems a very drastic step to take and really plays up to the 'boys and their toys' stereotype.

“People often make the joke that all men think about is sex, maybe in a couple of years the word will instead be tech.”

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