Mega LG OLED TV deal! Save £990 on a 65-inch LG A1

Get one of LG's latest OLED TVs for nearly half price, in a huge size that really makes the most of what OLED can do

LG A1 OLED TV on white bench with sign saying Price Drop
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The LG A1 is one of the TV bargains of the year – it's the lowest-priced of LG's OLED TVs, but features the excellent image quality and advanced screen tech that earns the company's TVs such high praise in our list of the best OLED TVs.

And right now, you can get the 65-inch version of the LG A1 for just £1,208 at Amazon UK – saving you 45% off the official price! If you're looking for a big-screen upgrade to get you through the rest of winter, this is not to be missed.

LG A1 65-inch OLED 4K TV: was £2,199, now £1,908.99 at Amazon

LG A1 65-inch OLED 4K TV: <a href="" data-link-merchant="Amazon UK"" target="_blank" rel="sponsored">was £2,199, now £1,908.99 at Amazon
Save a huge £991 – that's 45%! – on this stunning OLED TV. You get beautifully cinematic HDR, plus LG's impressive image processing makes sure that both HD and 4K video looks excellent on its huge display. LG's webOS smart TV software is impressively easy to use as well, and is packed with streaming services.

The LG A1 may be the cheapest OLED in LG's range, but it doesn't cut back on image quality to get there, which is why it sits so high in our list of the best LG TVs available today.

You still get the per-pixel lighting of OLED – which makes for precise HDR that regular LCD/LED TVs at the same price can't match – plus LG's Alpha 7 Gen 4 processor, which is also used in the more expensive LG B1, and does an excellent job of making Ultra HD content look as sharp as it should, and at upscaling HD to fill the screen with things looking low-res.

This is the most cinematic TV at its price, thanks to the way OLED is able to handle nuanced dark tones on the screen, and to display black areas immediately next to bright areas.

What you miss out on compared to LG's more expensive OLED TVs is the HDMI 2.1 connectivity for gaming in the LG B1, and the more advanced image processing (plus the better HDMI connectivity) in the LG C1.

If movies and TV are your focus over gaming, it's not much of a loss at all – for this price, this is maybe the best bang-for-buck TV buy available today.

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