Love The Last of Us TV show? Now is the perfect time to play Ellie in the game

Whether you're brand new to The Last of Us or an original fan, 2023 is the perfect time to play on PlayStation – here's why

Ellie in The Last of Us game versus TV show
(Image credit: HBO/Sky / Naughty Dog/Sony Interative Entertainment)

The Last of Us, which first aired in the US on Sunday and on Sky/NOW in the UK on Monday (here's how to watch in the UK), has been HBO's third-ever most successful streamed show debut for the platform. I'm not surprised either, as having watched episode one at BFI IMAX in London, I, like many other viewers, have declared it an epic spectacle. 

It's also a game. Which I'm sure many, many of you will already know. After all, The Last of Us Part I has sold over 20 million copies since its launch a decade ago in 2013. Which is very good going for a platform-exclusive title, as you can only play developer Naughty Dog's title on Sony PlayStation it is coming to PC, though, via Steam on 3 March this year).

What I've noticed from various friends and family in recent days is that they don't know about the game. Whether that's being a non-gamer, a generational thing, or whatever other reason, it doesn't matter. Because now is the ideal time to play The Last of Us on PlayStation, whether you're a first-timer exploring Ellie and Joel's world, or you're revisiting to find that magic all over again (or simply brush up on your knowledge for the remaining episodes of the TV show – and if you're not seen it then a NOW subscription will see you right as the cheapest/easiest route in).

I also say this because The Last of Us Part I is now free to play on PlayStation. You simply need to have a console, of course, but whether you're running a PS4 or PS5, all you need is a PlayStation Plus subscription and you'll be able to dabble in the first two hours of the game. 

You can get a free PS Plus trial, purchase month-on-month, or an annual subscription. There are even gift card redemptions available from stores, including Amazon, so you needn't associate a credit card and forget about auto-renewal happening – and a £10 card is a pretty savvy buy to test out the service.

I like that Sony has the foresight to make the connection that not all the TV show watchers will have played the game, or that those superfans who certainly have might want to quickly revisit the first game once more. After all, those PlayStation 3 copies from back in 2013 aren't what they used to be.

Don't like subscription models? There are other ways. As I said, The Last of Us Part I is coming to Steam, so you can play on PC from this March (once the TV show concludes, pretty much). Or you can buy The Last of Us Part I Remastered on PlayStation 4 and play through the whole game for a bargain £15.99.

Once you do, I reckon you'll be fairly hooked and want to venture onward to The Last of Us Part II. It continues the story and will be a great way to see how the TV show's similarities and differences continue to play out in this game adaptation. You can buy both parts of the game for under £35, which is a long-lasting and affordable supplement to you playing along while dipping into the TV show each week. 

Mike Lowe
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