Looking for a new dehumidifier? This best-seller is nearly half price on Amazon

Say goodbye to any mould or damp with this deal

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Even though spring is heading our way, it doesn't mean that the rain has stopped. This cold and wet weather means there's one thing that many people are struggling with. It can cause a musty smell and leave discoloured patches on the walls, let alone have an effect on the foundation of your home. Yep you guessed it, damp

Whilst there are lots of way to avoid moisture in the home, using a dehumidifer is a great option. The best dehumidifiers can help reduce the moisture levels in the air and prevent mould growth on affected surfaces. They are especially useful in winter, but particularly if your home is prone to serious damp and mould. 

Having spoken to a lot of friends and family recently, finding a good dehumidifier for a decent price is a priority for many. It's the reason why I've been scouring the internet for a few days now, trying to find a good one to tell you about. Well, I don't mean to toot my own horn, but I've done it. Introducing the HumiZap 12L Dehumidifier...

Before you find out more, have you checked whether a compressor or desiccant dehumidifier is best for you and your home?

HumiZap 12L Dehumidifier: was £299.99, now £159.99 at Amazon (save £140)

HumiZap 12L Dehumidifier: was £299.99, now £159.99 at Amazon (save £140)
This HumiZap Dehumidifier reduces up to 12 litres of moisture per day and cover a room area of up to 15m2. It absorbs the excess moisture in the air to reduce dampness in the room, creating a better living environment and protecting your furniture from water damage

This 12L compressor dehumidifier features three modes to tackle a variety of moisture levels. A digital display shows the current temperature and humidity to help you decide which mode you need, allowing it to cover a room of up to 15m2. 

Its large water tank reduces the frequency of having to drain out the water, and a reminder will alert you when it's time to empty it. Its 360-degree caster wheels and hidden side handles make it suitable for any room. This includes the bedroom due to how quiet it is, coming in at lower than 36dB when in sleep mode. 

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