Loewe packages its best speakers into some seriously stylish home cinema sets

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Loewe Home Cinema
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Loewe is repackaging some of its premium, high-end speakers and soundbars into a couple of equally premium home cinema sound systems.

This makes building a home system a little easier, with prices starting at £3,999.

Loewe is making a new play for home audio enthusiasts by debuting all-in-one packages for TV audio. 

Both come under a new brand name, "home.cinema", and are pretty similar in that they're extremely premium options for those looking to get top-class home theatre audio at an equally premium price.

The less expensive of the two is home.cinema 531, which bundles together the Loewe klang bar5 multiroom soundbar, klang sub5 subwoofer, klang mr3 and two klang mr1 multiroom speakers, along with a remote control.

That's a lot of high-class audio equipment, all of it impeccably designed, so it hopefully shouldn't be too drastic a surprise to learn that it will cost £3,399. 

If you prefer to go in for a penny and in for a pound, you can upgrade to the home.cinema 553, which brings the same bar5 soundbar and sub5 subwoofer, but upgrades the speakers to one klang mr5 and two klang mr3 speakers for higher fidelity surround sound if you're listening keenly. 

Either bundle offers complete 5.1.2 surround sound and is Dolby Atmos-compatible, which many people would call the bar you want to clear for top-class home audio. 

There's also HDMI eARC for simple audio source switching and control, making your life that bit easier. 

With multiroom audio that supports both Apple AirPlay and Google Cast, along with simple Bluetooth, you should also find that the speaker setups work great for room-filling music listening when desired. 

However, one welcome benefit of buying these bundles is that Loewe will pre-configure the speakers as surround sounds, so there should be no need to do your own tuning or setup. 

Loewe's commitment to multiroom audio looks firm, too - in late 2023 it debuted a new device to help add multiroom capabilities to literally any of its speakers, regardless of their age, so if you have existing Loewe hardware there's every opportunity to build a whole-home setup. 

Still, there's no getting around the prices attached to these bundles - in a world where a Sonos Beam and a couple of Symfonisk speakers can get you an extremely capable multiroom-ready surround sound system for a fraction of this price, Loewe's latest offering won't necessarily be for everyone. 

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