LG’s awesome new frontloading washing machine comes with added Artificial Intelligence

It’s smart and efficient but the LG F4V910WTS can even help preserve that frail and much-loved old cardy of yours

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T3.com recently got to get a look at just what goes into making washing machines tick after a whistle-stop tour of its Changwon factory in Korea. The insight provided us with a great overview of why new models like the F4V910WTS are going to mean our clothes are cleaned faster and more efficiently. 

Why’s that then? Well, central to this is LG’s new Artificial Intelligence Direct Drive (AI DD).

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We got to see how the washing machine was able to work out what sort of load you’ve put in and subsequently chooses an appropriate program. The super-enthusiastic LG boffins told us that this would result in improved cleaning with a wash more accurately tailored to the contents in the drum. 

To do this, the smart appliance gives a nod to deep learning by drawing on vast amounts of data garnered by LG during development. From that, and using the weight of your dirty laundry, it determines the optimal cycle.


The LG F4V910WTS washing machine benefits from a sizeable 10.5KG drum powered by super-smooth direct drive.

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There are obvious efficiency benefits too with the machine using less water and, naturally, reduced power when it’s not needed. Better still, LG claims that the drum design and improved wash cycles will be kinder to your clothes and do less harm to fragile woollens and suchlike. 

The company went as far as to say that it can reduce fabric damage by up to 18%, though we’ve yet to test this out for ourselves obviously.

The LG F4V910WTS is undeniably smart in that it's able to work out what sort of laundry you've loaded in to the drum.

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And with more of us having less time but wanting fresh clothes more frequently the F4V910WTS features suitably condensed wash times. This revolves around the TurboWash 360 feature. We’re mighty happy to hear that the Fast Wash option can delivers a bundle of fresh laundry in just 39 minutes for a cycle – that’s a step-up from even LG’s own conventional TurboWash feature.

We experienced this working first-hand, with an internal washer that sprays jets of water and detergent in four different directions for better cleaning. Another cool feature is the Steam mode that will prove useful for anyone needed sterilized clothes with its capacity for neutralizing allergens using a specialized cycle. Creases and wrinkles also get given short thrift thanks to the appropriately named Wrinkle Care.

The LG F4V910WTS can also be mated with the TwinWash Mini for those less desirable laundry items like gym kits.

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Elsewhere, the new appliance sports an energy rating of A+++ and has the benefit of a 10-year warranty. And, much like many other products in the LG portfolio, there’s the ability to use the machine in tandem with the SmartThinQ app. That means you can configure it and check on progress from wherever you happen to be using just your smartphone.

One other feature to catch our eyes was the way the front-loader can be paired with LG’s TwinWash Mini machine, which sits directly beneath it. This is a smaller unit that can be called up to wash very small loads, or anything so grubby or horrible you’d rather not mix it in with your normal clothing. Our own appalling gym kit sprang to mind when we saw this feature in motion.

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