LG TV deal: get up to £300 cashback when you buy a new 2022 LG TV

Save up to £300 cashback on the new 2022 LG TV range, including OLED and QNED models

LG 2022 TV range, cashback deals
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In March, LG unveiled its new 2022 TV range, expanding on its OLED and QNED ranges while also delivering supersized screens, gaming features and improved processors.

As one of the best TV brands and more specifically the best OLED TV manufacturers, LG is a great company to look at if you’re interested in a new TV. To celebrate the launch of its 2022 TV collection, LG is offering customers the opportunity to save up to £300 cashback when you buy a new TV from the range.

View the 2022 LG TV range here

The best LG TVs are packed with innovative technology and features, balanced contrast and detailed picture quality. To spot the new range, you’ll see the number ‘2’ after each model, for example ‘C2’ or ‘Z2’.

This cashback deal is on select models from the 2022 LG TV range, including the new OLED and QNED TVs. You’ll also find this deal on all the different screen sizes, ranging from the smallest size of 42-inches, all the way up to a massive 88-inches.

To take advantage of this cashback deal, you’ll need to purchase a new 2022 LG TV from a participating retailer either online or in store. Retailers include LG, Amazon, Currys, Argos, John Lewis, AO.com, Very, Richer Sounds, Costco and more. You’ll then need to go through the cashback process which we’ll explain in more detail below.

2022 LG TV range: Claim £300 cashback on select TVs

2022 LG TV range: Claim £300 cashback on select TVs
The new 2022 LG TV range features improved and advanced OLED technology, more screen and panel sizes and faster processors. There are a range of types, sizes and prices to choose from so if you’re looking to invest in an LG TV, you should definitely look into this cashback deal where you can claim up to £300 on the new 2022 range.

How to claim cashback on the 2022 LG TV range

Let’s explain a little more about how this cashback deal works. The TVs that qualify for this promotion are the Z2, G2, C2, B2 and A2 OLED models, and the QNED81 and NANO76 ranges. Each model and size comes with a different amount of cashback, starting from as little as £50 and going all the way up to £500.

If you’re interested in this deal, you’ll first need to purchase one of the select TVs mentioned above from a participating retailer. Once this is done, you’ll need to input your information to begin the cashback process. LG will then validate your claim and arrange payment to you. This cashback offer starts on the 13th April and ends on the 1st June.

As this cashback offer is on the latest LG TV collection, prices are going to be higher compared to previous generations. Before you start buying, we definitely recommend that you read the terms and conditions.

Head over to LG to check out the new 2022 TV range for more.

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