LG Flex foldable phone to crumple Samsung Galaxy X with weird rolling move

Is it a roller or a folder that you're after for 2019?

LG foldable phone concept
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The LG Flex foldable phone could actually be a roller. Yup, it looks like LG is looking into a rollable phone that cold arrive in 2019 to take on the Samsung Galaxy X.

LG is working on a new type of phone that features a roll-out display that looks a bit like a side-on scroll. And in a similarly old skool copy, it also come with a quill, wait, we mean a stylus.

According to patents filed by LG and found by LetsGoDigital, the new type of phone uses a similar tech to patents we've seen filed for new rollable TVs from Samsung.  

The phone features two solid ends into which the screen will roll. One of those ends features a home style button that doubles as a fingerprint reader while the other features a screen. This display is likely for at-a-glance notifications when the phone's main screen is rolled away.

LG rollable phone patent

(Image credit: LetsGoDigital)

Despite the screen being able to roll away it is described as a large touchscreen. This works with a stylus pen which sits in the right of the two screen ends, which double as handles. 

The handset comes with several cameras capable of capturing 3D photos thanks to a stereoscopic matrix layout. This works in conjunction with a laser sensor and flash. 

The 3D doesn't stop there as 3D audio is also described. Little else is said. The OS is Android but, again, few other details are included.

Expect to see more on these type of phones and TVs as early as January at CES 2019. 

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