LG Dolby Atmos earbuds and portable speakers sound seriously appealing

The latest LG Tone earbuds and Xboom portable speakers provide better sound on the move

LG Tone T90S
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LG has redesigned its true wireless earphones for a better fit and added Dolby Atmos to them. The new Tone Free T90S earphones have a redesigned case and new design for a better fit and improved active noise cancelling. 

The earphones aren't the only new addition though. There are two new XBoom Go portable Bluetooth speakers, including a beefy XG8 which sits just under the flagship model and a mini XG2 that is ultra-portable and can even be clipped onto your bag. Plus, a new smaller XBoom 360 speaker that is perfect for indoor and outdoor use.

LG T90S earbuds

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The T90S earbuds include Dolby Atmos for the first time, including head tracking, so the sound stage stays fixed, even as you move your head. Working with Meridian once again, the design takes into account thousands of ear shapes to provide the best possible fit. This also means that the noise cancelling will be more effective. 

With pure Graphene drivers, and 24-bit Hi-Res audio compatibility, the T90S promise some impressive sound, while the new high signal to noise mic makes call performance better too. 

The case features UV Nano technology to clean the earbuds every time they are stored away and the Plug and Wireless feature lets you plug the case into a 3.5mm socket for times where there's no Bluetooth connection, such as on a plane. 

LG Tone T90S

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The XBoom Go XG8T is like a mobile party, with lights and powerful sound at any volume. There's a new strap that can work as either a shoulder strap or a hand hold strap to carry it and it features more than 15 hours of battery life. 

If you're looking for pocket-sized sound, the new XG2T is a mini speaker that comes with an elastic strap around its edge. This strap can be unclipped and looped around a bag, bike or tent pole to deliver sound wherever you are. 

The third new XBoom speaker is a smaller XBoom 360 model. This omnidirectional speaker follows the same cylindrical design as the larger models and features seriously premium materials for the speakers – including a silk dome tweeter and glass fibre mid-range. There's mood lighting on the top and up to 15 hours of battery life to use it in your garden or wherever your music takes you. 

The Tone T90S earbuds launch on 24th May, priced £229, and the XBoom XG8 launches on 30th May. The XBoom XG2 is priced £69.98 and the XBoom 360 is priced £199.98, both available now on the LG website. 

LG Xboom

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