Lewis Capaldi says he's "absolutely bricking it" about his new Netflix documentary

The Scots singing sensation announces his new Netflix documentary in his own inimitable style

Lewis Capaldi
(Image credit: Netflix)

Scottish singing sensation Lewis Capaldi is probably as famous for his sense of humour as his music: over the years he's reduced chat show hosts to tears, taken the mickey out of Noel Gallagher and treated his Instagram fans to his trademark self-deprecation, swearing and silliness. So there was no way he'd announce his new Netflix documentary without gently mocking himself.

So naturally enough he took to Twitter and said that he was "absolutely bricking it to show you the trailer" for How I'm Feeling Now, "the most emotional film about an overweight guy since The Whale".

What to expect from Lewis Capaldi: How I'm Feeling Now

Capaldi isn't like other pop stars, and I mean that as a compliment. He's been very open about his mental health issues and some of the pressures of sudden, stratospheric success: he was the fastest-ever unsigned musician to reach 25 million plays and his latest tour – of massive arenas – sold out in a heartbeat. That's the kind of overnight success that can make monsters, and that's a risk I think Capaldi is very aware of and keen to avoid. 

Speaking to Netflix, Capaldi says that he's happy to make himself uncomfortable if it helps his fans get an idea of what it's like to live such an odd life. “Initially I was very hesitant when it came to this documentary,” Capaldi said. “I think I'm seen as someone who is very open, honest and forthcoming with information about themselves because of how I am on social media, in interviews or on stage. But in fact, there's quite a lot I like to keep to myself.”

I might resurrect my Netflix subscription for this one: I think Capaldi's brilliant on-stage and off, and the trailer indicates that we're going to see a much more nuanced picture than Capaldi perhaps gives us on his social media. And of course the music's great.

How I'm Feeling premieres on Netflix on 5 April.

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