Lego is making an Adidas Originals Superstar shoe set. Yes, out of bricks

Lego finally taps the one kind of collector it hadn't dominated yet: sneakers

Lego Adidas Originals Superstar
(Image credit: Lego Group)

Lego has just unveiled the next step (sorry) of its collaboration with Adidas, but whereas the first link-up between the two was a pair of real shoes with a Lego theme, now we're getting a Lego-made shoe in the style of the Adidas Originals Superstar.

The set comprises 731 pieces in total to build the shoe and a little display stand (with plaque) for it, and the final sneaker is 27cm long, 12cm high and 9cm long. It also includes 17 extra pieces that enable you choose to make it either the right shoe or the left shoe, which is a nice extra touch.

It even comes with a shoelace, which is not made from bricks, understandably.

It comes in a box that's a departure for Lego, but fits perfectly with the theme: it's designed to look just like the iconic blue Adidas shoe box, though with added Lego logos, and set info on the outside. Inside, the bags of bricks are wrapped in tissue paper, even.

Lego Adidas Originals Superstar

(Image credit: Lego Group)

It'll be available from July 1st, with a price of £79.99/$79.99 – which is around half the price of the Lego Adidas shoes you can actually wear, though you do only get one.

This could be one of the best Lego sets for gifting later this year, if you can hold out buying one before then. Hopefully it'll be easier to get hold of than the hottest real sneaker releases.

If the Adidas set doesn't tie your laces, don't forget that there will almost certainly be some big discounts for Prime Day on June 21st and 22nd. We've got our guide to the best Prime Day Lego deals, as well as our look at the best Prime Day deals overall.

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