Last Chance! Leatherman multi-tools sale ends today...

Savings sitewide on top-selling Leatherman multi-tool knives including the Signal, Wingman, Free P4 and more – offers end today!

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Looking to get your hands on a cheap muli-tool knife? Leatherman makes some of the best camping knives around, and right now you can head on over to Leatherman's month long sale ending this week and save up to 20% on some of the top-selling Leatherman multi-tools before this sale ends today.

For those unfamiliar with Leatherman multi-tool knives, these are some of the most rugged and versatile multi-tools you can get your hands on. With various models designed for everyone from the avid outdoorsman to the professional handyman, there isn't a situation these multi-tools won't be ready for. Covering just about every need a survivalist could possibly think of, Leatherman knives include firestarters, hammers, single blades, wire cutters, scissors and more.

Take the Leatherman Surge multi-tool (currently on sale for $115) (opens in new tab), a solid all-around 21-in-1 workhorse multi-tool that'll save your skin more times than you'll care to admit.  Everything from needle nose pliers to wire cutters, a full-size knife and more are available when and where you need them most.

Outdoorsman on the other hand may want to check out the Leatherman Signal multi-tool (currently on sale for $105) (opens in new tab). Explorers will be happy to know that this thing covers just about everything a true survivalist needs to battle the elements including a Ferrocerium rod to easily create sparks to start fires, a can opener and a safety whistle.

You can head on over to to check out everything on sale this week (opens in new tab), but be sure to check out some of the best deals on cheap multi-tool knives at Leatherman's below!

A Hell of a Knife
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Leatherman Signal Multi-Tool | Was: $120 | Now: $105 | You Savings: $15 (opens in new tab)
A multi-tool for the survivalist and outdoorsman, the Signal includes 19 locking tools to battle the elements. Everything you'd expect in a multi-tool is here with the addition of outdoor specific tools including a Ferrocerium rod for creating sparks to start fires, a safety whistle in case you get lost, a bottle opener and a can opener.
(Offer Ends 7.31.20)

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Leatherman Wingman Multi-Tool | Was: $60 | Now: $50 | Savings: $10
(opens in new tab)One of Leatherman's best selling multi-tools, the Wingman does exactly what it's name entails. Covering everything you need in a multi-tool, Leatherman's Wingman multi-tool knife features 14 locking tools and is ready for just about any problem you can throw at it. Ideal for handymen and technicians looking for a solid mulit-tool without breaking the bank..
(Offer Ends 7.31.20)

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Leatherman Surge 21-in-1 Multi-Tool | Was: $130 | Now: $115 | Savings: $15
(opens in new tab)One of Leatherman's largest multi-tools, the Surge is a powerhouse built for the toughest of jobs. Featuring 21 locking tools, the Surge includes everything from serrated knives to scissors, pliers, wire cutters, can and bottle openers, files and more. It's one of Leatherman's pricier multi-tools, but for good reason – it's one of the best multi-tools available today.
(Offer Ends 7.31.20)

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Leatherman Free P4 Multi-Tool | Was: $140 | Now: $125 | Savings: $15
(opens in new tab)Probably the most advanced multi-tool available from Leatherman, the Free P4 features 21 locking tools to tackle just about any problem you come across. The best part? It's barely 4.25 inches long and only weights 8.6 ounces, making it one of the most compact and feature-packed multi-tools available on the market. At $15 off, this is a cheap multi-tool knife you should definitely check out.
(Offer Ends 7.31.20)

Leatherman Multi-Tools: Some of the best Multi-Tools of 2020

Rated as one of the best multi-tools pretty much every year, Leatherman designs and produces some truly spectacular multi-tools. They cover just about every profession and hobby, with some of the best multi-tool knifes available for outdoorsman, survivalist, technicians and handymen.

Here's a quick run down of what you can expect when you buy your Leatherman multi-tool knife:

  • Durability – constructed of 420HC stainless steel, Leatherman multi-tools are built to last for years
  • Versatility – with knives covering both professional and hobbyist activities, Leatherman multi-tools have upwards of 20+ tools including screwdrivers, knives, saws and more
  • Compact – fitting easily in your pockets or tool belts, Leatherman multi-tool knives are compact and lightweight for quick retrieval and use
  • Reliability – Leatherman is so confident in their knives that they back every single one with a 25 year warranty

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