Leaked Motorola Razr images show off a massive cover display

And it looks like this one could be way more useful, too

The Motorola Razr 2023 with a large cover display
(Image credit: Evan Blass)

When it comes to iconic foldable phones, the Motorola Razr has an edge over everything else on the market. First making its name in the early noughties, the Razr was a staple handset on catwalks and in fashion houses around the world.

Nowadays, things are a little different, but that iconic model still commands respect. It's up against stiff competition, though, with rival handsets like the Oppo Find N2 Flip and the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4 pushing them right to the wire.

One area of particular contention is the cover display. Currently, the Oppo features the largest cover screen on the market, with a vertical 3.26-inch unit. That's prompted a host of rumours about other manufacturers scaling up their own devices. The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5, for example, is said to sport a 3.4-inch display.

The next-gen Motorola Razr, however, looks set to go even further. A recent cryptic post by a Lenovo executive suggests that could sport a 3.5-inch display, trumping the Samsung offering.

Now, images have emerged showing off that giant cover screen – including details of the customisation options on offer. The images were shared by Evan Blass, a well-regarded tech insider with a great history for leaking renders of new devices.

Let's start with the handset itself. Here, we see the full-panel cover display leaked previously. That extends right up to the hinge, which is coloured the same as the rest of the phone. There's two colours on show here – a grey and a red/magenta, which is likely to be the Viva Magenta which Motorola used on the Edge 30 Fusion.

The personalisation options are arguably more interesting here, though, giving us an insight into how usable that screen real estate will be. While we can't say for certain what you'll be able to do with the screen, indications here suggest it could be more usable than others on the market.

Options for layout and icon shape certainly suggest that app icons will be configurable on the cover. There's also an option for display size. Again, purely speculative, but that sounds like users may be able to virtually configure the display to work better for portrait apps.

There's currently no confirmed release date for the new Razr series, but a succession of recent leaks suggest it could be coming soon. Previous rumours suggested a June launch event, so keep your eyes peeled over the next month for more information.

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