Know exactly what you're breathing in with this smart air purifier

Sprimo's nifty little gadget has just started crowdsourcing

Sprimo is a new smart air purifier that aims to more than just clean the air you're breathing - it actually analyses it and tells you exactly what is floating about around you.

Currently looking for public funding on crowdsourcing site Crowd Supply, the Sprimo looks to improve on all the areas most purifiers fall down. For a start, a lot them take too long to clean the air, and by that point it's usually dirty again as its pumped back out. They're also pretty loud too, making them not so great for environments where you need to concentrate.

The Sprimo has been designed to act on two settings - one cleans the entire room, while the other creates a 'bubble' of recycled air around you and the device. According to its creators, it can be used with windows open or closed and creates said bubble of clean air within seconds. Reportedly the Sprimo is 50% more effective than its competitors, although we'd take that figure with a pinch of salt at this stage.

The big idea here is the power to see what's been scrubbed out of the air. The Sprimo will give you a list of things its picked up (such as dust or pollen) and suggest different bespoke filters than be used to target specific debris.

Should it hit its crowdfunding target and eventually hit the market, the Sprimo will retail for around $369 (around £260), but if you pre-order via a pledge you can get one for $319 (£224). There's over a month and a half left on its campaign, so if you're looking to add a new smart device to your already intelligent home go check it out (shipping is set for Feb 2017).

Via: Crowd Supply

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