Joe Wicks launches new YouTube series: here is how to watch it

The Body Coach shares his own experience as well as unique tips on how to improve your wellbeing in 'The Year That Changed Me’

Joe Wicks lululemon ‘The Year That Changed Me’
(Image credit: Joe Wicks/lululemon)

Weirdly, I associate the lockdown with Joe Wicks and I don't think I'm alone. The daily  'PE with Joe' workouts were some of the few positive things that kept me going in a time where everything looked uncertain and grim, to say the least. And now, thanks to lululemon, we'll get to see and hear Joe's honest review of the 'hardest year' is a Youtube video series called 'The Year That Changed Me’.

Despite the pandemic and lockdown, Joe had a relatively good year in 2020. For one, he won a T3 Award 2021 which I'm sure he cherishes dearly and he also successfully launched the Body Coach App late 2020. But it wasn't all peaches and cream for Joe: he injured himself in multiple occasions and overexerted his body doing intense workouts every morning.

The new ‘The Year That Changed Me’ Youtube series will show lululemon ambassador Joe revealing his perspectives on how the last year impacted him personally, sharing unique tips on how to improve 'holistic' wellbeing. Each episode will be focussed on a theme - Move, Mind, Body – where Joe will share insights into how these pillars have supported his own mental wellbeing over the last year.

Here is the first video of the series, Movement:

Everyone's favourite Joe had this to say about the lululemon partnership: “I’m absolutely buzzing about becoming lululemon’s new ambassador”, he says, “I’ve lived and trained in some of their products for years and the quality is just incredible. I share an ambition with the brand to help engage people in fitness, regardless of their background, age or ability.”

One thing is for sure: I'll be watching the new series every Monday. Who knows, I might be able to learn something new from Joe and become as resilient as he is. I doubt it but you have to give it a try to see, right?

Matt Kollat
Section Editor | Active

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