It isn’t clear if this new Pixel Watch function is a feature or a bug

Users report seeing Fitbit irregular heart rhythm notifications on the unsupported wearable

Google Pixel Watch
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Update 24/01/2023: Google has now provided an official statement on the notification, saying "Pixel Watch users that are logged into their Fitbit Account are able to view historical Fitbit Irregular Rhythm Notification reports from prior enrollment in the feature with a compatible device. Pixel Watch users will not receive new notifications for signs of AFib that correspond to use of a Pixel Watch."

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Despite it working with the Fitbit health and fitness application, Google's own Pixel Watch does not officially offer irregular heart rhythm notifications.

This has always been seen as a strange move by Google, since the feature is offered by a wide range of its Fitbit wearables across the Sense, Versa, Charge, Luxe and Inspire model lines.

Now though, it looks like Google might be changing its mind on the Pixel Watch’s functionality. Some users have started to see a page for irregular heart rhythm notifications in the Discover tab of their Fitbit app. According to 9to5Google, which has also seen the function on a Pixel Watch, this section of the app now shows how the notifications work, along with the option to view them.

This could be a sign of Google starting to roll out the notifications to the Pixel Watch. As with other smartwatches and fitness trackers, the notifications may indicate signs of atrial fibrillation (AFib), which in some cases can lead to blood clots and, if untreated, potentially cause stroke, heart failure and other complications.

The Fitbit app states how “this [irregular heart rhythm notification] feature can’t diagnose AFib. It can let you know if your heart rhythm shows signs of AFib.”

However, some Reddit users who have also seen the new function believe it has appeared because they used another wearable with the Fitbit app, as well as their Pixel Watch. It could be a case of the app mistakenly showing information about irregular heart rhythm notifications, because the user has connected it to both a Pixel Watch and a Fitbit wearable that supports the function.

One Reddit user said: “It is visible in [my Fitbit app] but I had a Charge 5 synced until last week so I suspect that the Charge 5 is why this appears.”

If the function is indeed rolling out to the Pixel Watch, it could be arriving as Fall Detection did at the start of the year. In that case, Pixel Watch users gained the feature after resetting the smartwatch.

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