Netflix's new cake show about guessing whether cake is cake is ridiculous

Is it Cake? is currently the number one show in the US on Netflix

Mikey Day in Is It Cake?
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Netflix has a new cake show where professional bakers create incredible replicas of real-life items, like clothing or food, and then a panel of celebrity judges has to guess out of a line-up of other items which one is the cake. It's utterly ridiculous.

Is it Cake? began streaming on Netflix from March 18th and has quickly risen to the top of the streaming platform, currently the number one show in the US and number two show in the UK (at the time of writing). The reality TV series has spawned from a popular internet meme that circulated across Twitter, Instagram and TikTok a few years back. 

It's a bonkers and simple concept. It shouldn't work as a 35 to 40-minute show but somehow does. Hosted by Saturday Night Live member Mikey Day, the first episode has guest judges Daym Drops, Fortune Feimster and Ronnie Woo pondering over cheeseburgers, burritos and breakfast sandwiches to find one that is cake. All of this happens while a loveable baker waits at the side hoping to fool the celebrities and ultimately, win up to $10,000. 

Like many, I found it hard not to shout at the TV professing which one was really cake and which one wasn't. My method was looking at the lighting of each and telling my partner how the shadows on that greasy sandwich wouldn't reflect like.... and at that moment, that's how I knew Netflix had got me again.

Is it Cake on Netflix

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The best part of the show actually has nothing to do with the main premise. At the beginning of the episode, three professional bakers are chosen from a group of nine to make this week's cakes. It's during this section we get to find out a bit about their background, what cakes they've created in the past and what they hope to do with the winnings. 

It's very likeable and is heavily reminiscent of The Great British Bake Off. It doesn't have the exact same charm and wholesomeness that the Paul Hollywood and Prue Leith show offers but still scratches an itch for any cake lovers out there. 

I can already see a British show being made and personally, would prefer a different host. Mikey Day just doesn't suit the style and is the weakest part, offering little to no laughs. Someone like Richard Ayoade would be perfect, just contemplating how we're all wasting time and how he went to theatre school for this. 

Naturally, the internet is obsessed with the concept. "This is the perfect show for where I am two years into the pandemic," wrote one user. Another said: "Netflix is increasing its price and shutting off streaming for multiple houses and in return they gave us… a show where people guess if objects are cake or not..." 

Season one of Is It Cake? tackles the likes of vegetables and bowling balls to rubber ducks and designer bags. You can watch all eight episodes on Netflix now.  

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