iPod Touch redesign to launch as early as next week

Apple to forgo September routine for quick launch

Apple to turn back on annual update in favour of early iPod launch

Following countless rumours surrounding the next generation of iPods, news has arrived that the annual update of Apple PMPs could be little more than a week away.

However, despite a “reliable source within Apple” telling MacMagazine the new iPod range will arrive before August 16th, the general consensus expects Apple to follow its now annual tradition of a September press event for the iPod arrival.

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With recent speculation giving the upcoming iPod Touch a host of new iPhone 4-esq features from a retina display and video recorder to a front facing camera and FaceTime video chat capabilites, the imminent announcement is surrounded by all the excitement expected from an Apple release.

Refreshes to the iPod Nano and iPod Shuffle are also expected with a touchscreen display tipped to land on both devices. With much hype now surrounding what new bells and whistles Apple will adorn the next generation of iPods with, the early arrival of the Apple classic could finally take focus away from the fiasco that surrounded the launch of the iPhone 4 and the ensuing antennagate.

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