iPhone XI curved OLED screen could use touchless gesture response

Touchless screen, anyone? That’s the next big thing

iPhone curved screen

Apple appears to be working on the next iPhone XI which could come with a curved OLED screen which responds without even being touched.

According to sources of Bloomberg, the new screen technology is being developed to help Apple to stand out from the crowd. Of course, both Air Touch controls and curved screens have already appeared on the Samsung Galaxy S4 and Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge.

The new iPhone screen will reportedly allow users to performs tasks merely by holding a finger near to it as opposed to actually touching the display. This could add another layer of controls on top of Apple's 3D Touch.

The catch? This new tech may actually skip the iPhone XI and not appear until the iPhone XII, if at all.

What Apple is also working on, according to the source, is a curved OLED screen for a future iPhone. Unlike the LG G Flex, this will curve inward from top to bottom. 

So while a curved display and touchless controls are not new, neither have made it big and in typical Apple style the company will no doubt implement it neatly and bring masses of hype to the tech, if not a little late.

Luke Edwards

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