iPhone versus Android: Why 2023 could be the year I finally switch to Apple

Will the iPhone 15 steal my heart?

iPhone 13 Pro Max and Galaxy S22 Ultra on T3 background
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For several years now I have been using some of the best Android phones and proudly turning all of my group chats green. But with the iPhone 15 now seemingly just a matter of days from launching, is this the year that Apple finally wins me round?

There's no doubt that iPhones are some of the best phones out there, but it has always suited my budget and lifestyle to stick with Android. Why do I want the fuss of switching? Well, 2023 might be the year I take the plunge. 

An admission, I am a serial phone dropper. Splashing out one of the best iPhones hasn't really made much sense to me when one fumble could see it break. The rumour that the iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max could feature a titanium frame, which is stronger than aluminium has me hopeful. Similarly, the lightweight nature of titanium could fix another gripe I have with Apple's phones, they are too big and heavy for my pockets. 

iPhone 15 dummies

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iPhone 15 also looks to be the year that Apple finally switches to USB-C, meaning I won't have to splash out on a bunch of new accessories and chargers on top of the cost of a new phone. Now if only we could get HDMI ports on the best MacBooks

I'm not a massive phone photographer but somewhere I do take a lot of pictures on my phone is when on holiday. Having just got back from a trip away, I couldn't help but be slightly disheartened by my snaps. Particularly when taking pictures of animals at a safari park I found my phone's optical zoom to be lacking and the digital option too distorted. Talk of a periscope lens on the Pro iPhone 15 models has me thinking of becoming the next David Attenborough.

If all of these rumours are true, It's going to be very hard to resist the allure of Apple's next flagships. At least until the Google Pixel 8 event on the 4th of October.

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