iPhone 7 Plus camera samples - the photos we took with Apple's new camera

Images taken with the iPhone 7 Plus dual camera, is it any good?

One of the most interesting new features of the iPhone 7 Plus is it's dual camera. We've taken hundreds of images using the 7 already, here's a few samples:

All of these images were taken with the stock camera app, with everything set to auto. There has been no post processing.

Really happy with how this image turned out, the colours are warm, it's lovely and detailed, you can make out the small hairs on the petals, and the bokeh is also really attractive (despite not having received the shallow depth of field update yet). This is using the 28mm lens, not the 56mm zoom.

Here's an image of a church yard on a very dull day. There's lots of great detail in the grass and trees, and white balance and exposure are very well controlled.

This image is taken from exactly same spot using the 56mm telephoto lens. It's still lovely and sharp, a very impressive result.

A sharp image, with colour and detail very well preserved. What's interesting here is how muted the colours are - some smartphones would have created a much more saturated image.

Zoom test! This is using the wide angle 28mm lens.

x2 - still looks great.

x5 - Details are starting to look a little blurry, but it's still an acceptable image.

x8 - More blur, starting to become unusable.

x10 - Looks like it's been processed through the Prisma app. Lacks a lot of detail. It is useful in certain situations, if you're a bird spotter and don't have a proper camera, for example.

A true test for any camera - my black dog. The iPhone 7 Plus camera has managed to capture plenty of detail in the black fur, but the background is slightly over saturated.

Here's another great macro shot using the wide angle lens. Again, very neutral colours and pleasing bokeh in the background.

This is a macro shot using x2 zoom. It's not quite as sharp as the wide angle lens, this could be because the smaller aperture lets in less light, so there's more noise reduction in this image. Still, very impressive macro shot considering it's taken on a smartphone.

This image was taken in the pitch black with True Tone flash. As you can see, it's managed to preserve accurate colours, much better than previous iPhone flashes which tended to wash pictures out.

Another image taken in the dark, this time without flash. It's very impressive for a smartphone, there's minimal noise, and carries plenty of detail, just exterior lights are oversaturated.

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Spencer Hart
Style and Travel Editor

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