iPhone 16 could get a new mystery capacitive button

Early pre-production iPhones have been spotted with a 'Capture' button

The iPhone 15 range in all colours on a white background
(Image credit: Apple)

Fans of Apple devices got a nice upgrade earlier this month, as the iPhone 15 range was unveiled. The latest generation of the iconic handset brought a host of upgrades across all levels of the range, giving users ample reason to consider an upgrade.

But the proximity of that release hasn't stopped others from looking forward. Today, a new rumour has come out about the iPhone 16 – pretty much a full year before we'd expect to see it released.

According to a report from MacRumors, pre-production models of that device have surfaced with a new capacitive button. That's different to the Action button, which was heavily rumoured for the iPhone 15 range and appears on the iPhone 15 Pro models. This one is being touted as a 'Capture' button.

According to the report, it sits on the same side as the power button on the current models, but slightly lower down. It's said to be a capacitive button, with force feedback recognising the pressure applied.

What's perhaps more interesting is that the feature is rumoured to be coming to all devices in the iPhone 16 range. That's a big deal. In recent years, Apple has opted to split the range between Pro and non-Pro models. That generally means that new features are expected for the Pro models only, so it's refreshing to hear that isn't the case here.

As mentioned, this isn't expected to replace the Action button, either. The report suggests that the new devices could utilise both buttons. 

However, at present, there is no indication of what the Capture button will be capable of. Given the name, it's entirely possible that it could be used as a shutter button for the camera. However, I think that seems a little minor for such a big new feature. It could possibly be used to action a screenshot, too, with a hold function to enable screen recording.

Of course, all of that is speculative for now. It's also worth reiterating that this is a very early leak. That makes it tough to assert any confidence – the devices will be tested for a good while yet, before any final decisions are made. It's entirely possible that features like this could disappear before the devices are finalised.

Still, it's an interesting idea. For now, we'll just have to keep our hopes gently pinned on this coming true.

Sam Cross
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