Rumoured iPhone 15 Pro upgrade would let you bin your DSLR camera forever

Apple's iPhone 15 Pro, which would be released in 2023, will feature a periscope lens according to a creditable analyst

Apple iPhone 15 Pro
(Image credit: Apple)

A thought that no one ever has had is that the iPhone 13 Pro's cameras aren't that good. Apple has combined three powerful lens, plus a load of software wizardry, to create the best smartphone camera going.

But technology only ever improves and Apple is preparing something big: the iPhone 15 Pro, slated for release in 2023, will include a periscope lens for up to 10x optical zoom. Or so says analyst Jeff Hu (via MacRumors).

So, DSLRs beware: Apple is coming for the photography crown.

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According to Hu, the periscope camera system – which reflects light into the camera sensor using angled mirrors – would offer big advantages over the current (already excellent) three-lens system on the iPhone 13 Pro, which offers up to 3x optical zoom (or 6x depending on how you count it).

A proper zoom lens has been one of T3's desires for the new iPhones for a while and it's good to see Apple inching closer to making it a reality. Rumours about the inclusion of a periscope lens have been floating around for a while, too, suggesting this forecast has legs.

Other smartphones, like the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra and Huawei's P40 Pro+, already offer a periscope lens, giving them 10x optical zoom.

While the iPhone 15 range is still over a year away, here's what to expect from Apple in 2022.

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