iPhone 15 could come with a wireless charging upgrade

Faster wireless charging for all Apple users

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Apple’s walled garden seems to be coming down. Not only do we expect the iPhone 15 to launch with a USB C port and perhaps even with third-party App Stores available as part of iOS 17, but wireless charging looks set to change too. 

According to ChargerLab, all iPhone 15 models (not just the Pro and Pro Max variants) will feature 15w wireless charging, matching the Qi2 open standard. If you’ve got one of the best Android phones and plan to swap to iPhone or are borrowing a friend’s charger, then this is great news.

Past iPhones have 15w wireless charging capabilities, but only on Apple-certified MagSafe accessories. Those using (often cheaper) third-party devices have had to settle for a much slower 7.5w charge, but soon that could change.

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Much like the EU’s demands that Apple adopts the USB-C this is another push for universal charging regardless of device, something that seemed impossible just a few years ago. There is talk of Apple keeping the best USB-C charging performance for its own approved MFi (made for Apple) accessories but it seems (fingers crossed) that similar restrictions won’t come to Qi 2 charging. 

Apple has long argued that limiting performance from non-certified chargers is a safety measure, to prevent any potential damage or danger from shoddy accessories. But this news, if true, suggests it could be open season for accessory manufacturers to create the next generation of the best wireless chargers. Of course, you’ll need an iPhone 15 but with WWDC coming up, we could hear more on that very soon. 

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