iPhone 14 "pill" notch concept appears – and I love it!

The iPhone 14 is rumoured to make the dreaded notch a lot smaller – here's how and what it could look like

iPhone 14 pill notch
(Image credit: @Jeffrey903)

Apple's iPhone 14 is getting nearer and nearer and today we have an excellent mockup of the rumoured "pill" notch from developer @Jeffrey903 on Twitter.

While Apple made the notch smaller and deeper for the iPhone 13, some users still don't like it and would prefer something similar to high-end Huawei and Samsung devices, where the notch takes up only a tiny bit of screen.

Seeing what that would look like became a lot easier today, thanks to this fantastic mock-up, and I'm now fully excited about the iPhone 14.

According to Grossman, he made the mockup by holding his iPhone upside down and adding the notch to the bottom of the screen. The effect is really clear and we've got to say that Apple will have outdone themselves if this ends up being the iPhone 14. 

There are, of course, still some question marks over this design. Apple famously sticks to its guns and we could well see an iPhone 14 notch that gets laterally shorter again, but remains attached to the top of the screen. (Imagine if the "pill" above connected to the top of the device.)

What else do we know about iPhone 14? 

To be honest, not an awful lot at this stage. Apple is still over half a year away from announcing the iPhone 14 and the rumour mill is still whirring into action. 

We can make a few guesses though: better cameras, possibly with a less obtrusive (ie, flatter) design alongside a bigger battery, iOS 16, ProMotion 120Hz displays on all models, and – we hope! – USB-C.

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Can't wait for iPhone 14? 

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