iPhone 14 image leak teases tantalising view of rumored Apple flagship

Some are big and none are small; the notch is there but not on all

iPhone 14
(Image credit: Apple)

The iPhone 14 leaks continue, and this one's a beauty: photos of what appears to be the front glass panels of all four iPhone 14 models have leaked on social network Weibo before then being posted to Twitter. If the images are legit, which they appear to be, it's more confirmation of the differences between the four incoming iPhones that we'll see later this year.

The images show four key things: the relative size of the iPhones, the size of the bezels on each model and the aspect ratios of the displays, or at least enough to make an educated guess as to what the aspect ratios will be. And they also show which models are getting the notch and which ones aren't.

iPhone 14 display leaks: what they tell us

Let's start with the little ones, although in this context "little" is relative: the smallest iPhone 14 will be the size of the current iPhone 13. The standard iPhone retains the notch, albeit in a smaller size than the first version of the divisive display, and the identically sized iPhone 14 Pro has the new pill-shaped cutout. The Pro also appears to have a thinner bezel.

The other two iPhone 14 models are the iPhone 14 Max and the iPhone 14 Pro Max, and they follow the same pattern: while they're both the same size the standard one, the Max, gets the notch while the Pro one, the Pro Max, gets the pill-shaped cutout. That fits with previous reports that the camera hardware would differ between the standard and Pro models.

On Twitter, @saranbyte says that the aspect ratio of the Pros' displays are very slightly different: it's not very obvious looking at the photos but the Pro models are 20:9 instead of 19.5:9, which fits with previous reports by 9to5Mac that the Pro models will have taller displays this year.

We've no way of checking the veracity or otherwise of these images, but if they're not real then they're pretty impressive given how closely they resemble previous reports

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