iPhone 13 pre orders live at Vodafone now – here are the best deals

Starting at £43 and with iPhone 11 trade-ins of £360

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Pricing has just gone live over at Vodafone for the iPhone 13 pre orders. As with all mobile networks, the actual price you pay isn’t always a straightforward thing, it depends on trade-in, how long you want the phone for and what you’re prepared to pay upfront. What’s really good about Vodafone is that it has flexible payment, allowing you to choose contract length, phone repayment plan length and 

Vodafone guarantees a trade in value of £360 on an iPhone 11 Pro or Pro Max, which is okay. You might get more on eBay if your device is in good condition and the battery health is reasonable. Still, for a no-hassle solution, it’s a nice way to save a few quid. 

Vodafone’s pricing operates on the basis that your phone “loan” defaults to 36 months, but your contract would be 24 months and you’ll get 25GB a month of data included. You can reduce the amount on the phone loan quite easily, and it only minimally affects the monthly repayment. It’s probably worth doing this if you like to upgrade every two years. 

The iPhone 13 Mini starts at £40 per month with £29 upfront, the iPhone 13 is £43 per month and £29 upfront. The iPhone 13 Pro is £47 per month with £49 up-front and the Pro Max is £54 per month on the same £49 upfront. 

Vodafone’s tariffs also include the option of things like Spotify, Amazon Prime and YouTube Premium. Its cheapest deal is £22 per month with no extras and 25GB. 

For other networks, check out our iPhone 13 pre orders page, which has the best deals across the networks. 

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iPhone 13 mini from £43 at Vodafone (opens in new tab)
The best deal, we think, is the 50GB+3 benefits, it’s £25 because of a discount. You'll pay £29 upfront and £48 per month (£18 is the phone, £25 for the tariff. If you don't want a 36 month phone repayment, it's £27 per month for the 24 month setup. 

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iPhone 13 from £43 at Vodafone (opens in new tab)

Pay £29 upfront and £43 per month for the cheapest Vodafone deal. However, we recommend the 50GB plan again, because it's currently discounted and makes for a reasonable monthly allowance. It's £29 up-front and £46 per month, but bear in mind that 36 phone repayment deal, and knock it back to 24 months if you can.

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iPhone 13 Pro from £47pm at Vodafone (opens in new tab)

The most reasonable Vodafone tariff is the 50GB for £25 per month special they're currently running. That makes a total of £49 up-front and £50 per month. Remember the phone loan is 36 months though, while the tariff itself is 24. 

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iPhone 13 Pro Max from £54 at Vodafone (opens in new tab)

The tariffs on the Pro Max are a bit more complicated. But for £32 per month you can get unlimted data. Best option is the £27 per month 50GB deal, which has 4 Xtra benefits. It's £57 per month and £49 up-front. 

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