Insta360 teases new product and DJI and Zhiyun should be concerned

360 action camera brand Insta360 seems to be launching a new smartphone gimbal soon

Insta360 teases new smartphone gimbal
(Image credit: Insta360)

Insta360 might be best known for its action cameras – three Insta360 models are featured in our best action camera guide – but it seems they are about to enter a new product category if the company's latest teaser video is anything to go by. We don't get to see the whole product; however, it's clear a new Insta360 smartphone gimbal is being launched on 29 March 2023.

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Gimbals are widely used by content creators, providing much-needed stability for handheld shot videos. People can achieve an almost cinematic effect utilising this device, even if they shoot videos on their smartphones. Modern gimbals are compact and offer many features to help you create smooth, shake-free footage of any subject, even if you're moving.

Notable gimbal manufacturers include DJI, also known for being the best drone company, and gimbal specialist Zhiyun. Insta360 entering this category makes sense, but it might be a cause for concern for the companies already operating in the field. It's excellent news for us, customers, as more competition often results in more innovation and prices decreasing.

The video above doesn't offer much information, but it's clear the new Insta360 gimbal will have some sort of folding mechanism, magnetic mounting and at least four shooting modes, looking at the status light of what looks like the control wheel. We expect to see Auto, Follow, Pan-follow and FPV modes based on the labels on the control wheel, although we aren't sure what the last mode might be.

FPV refers to 'first-person view' and often refers to drones that can be flown using a headset streaming live footage from the camera mounted on the drone. The DJI FPV is one of the most popular FPV drones. We aren't sure what an FPV function would look like on a gimbal. Visit Insta360 (or their IG account) for more info. More info to be revealed once the product is launched on 29 March 2023.

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