I'm excited by this Amazon Prime Day smart home bargain – Ring doorbell and Echo Show bundle

The Echo Show 5 and a Ring Video Doorbell Wired are now less than £50

Echo Show 5 and Ring Video Doorbell Wired
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The countdown to Prime Day has started, but it seems like Amazon’s already done some sneaky early access deals that, by my reckoning, are some of the best prices ever. I’m particularly astounded by the pairing of the Echo Show 5 with the Ring Video Doorbell Wired for just £49.99. If you're looking for something else, don't forget to check out our best Amazon Prime Day deals.

At their most expensive, both of these products would have cost that on their own, so getting two for the price of one is quite the deal. I’d suggest this would be a fantastic way to get started with a truly smart home. A video doorbell is a really great way of keeping an eye on your home, without the faff and worry of putting cameras up inside. Plus it means you can speak to visitors without even opening the door, fantastic for getting rid of people you don’t want to interact with and particularly useful with the world as it is now, with a massive global cough. 

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Echo Show 5 + Ring Video Doorbell Wired | RRP: £107.49 | Now: £49.99 | Save: £57.50 (53%)
Now's your chance to grab two things for the price of one! Both Amazon's superb Echo Show 5 and Ring's fantastic Video Doorbell Wired and included in this super-value package. It's a more than half-price deal, and both items are ideal for building up your smart home.

Grabbing both items in this package deal is a smart choice for your smart home. Not only does Ring give you security, but you’re also getting access to Amazon’s powerful voice assistant. That means as you build a smart home you’ll have more and more control over it. And Amazon has really nailed this, with loads of support for a wide range of devices. It also supports loads of routines, which allow you to trigger events when, for example, someone presses your doorbell. I spend too much of my free time messing around with this sort of thing. 

The only downside to Ring’s wired doorbell is that you either need existing cables to power it, or be prepared to have power installed. On the plus side, the Video Doorbell Wired doesn’t need a battery, so no recharging and it’s nice and small. Ideal if you’ve already got a wired doorbell. 

It’s also worth bearing in mind that this is Amazon’s slightly older Echo Show 5, from 2019. Don’t worry about that though, we reviewed it at the time and like it a lot, and while the newer one might add a bit more performance, it won’t be leaps and bounds different so we’re pretty happy with the cost to performance ratio here. 

These minor quibbles aside, you can see why I got very excited when I saw this pop up on Amazon’s site early. Not only can you grab this before the official start of Prime Day, but it’s also great value and will turn your house from dumb home to smart home with just one Amazon delivery. 

This “early Prime Day deal” is only available to Amazon members who pay for Prime. So if you fancy this deal you’ll either need to have Prime already or give it a try with a free trial. 

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