If you want an iPhone 13 or MacBook then buy before Black Friday – here's why

Apple site lists month-long delays on shipments of iPhones, MacBooks and iPads.

iPhone 13 MacBook iPad
(Image credit: Apple)

Earlier this month we heard word that iPhone 13 chip shortages might cause supply problems this Christmas, and Apple’s online store now appears to confirm this, with shipping delays listed for almost all the company’s must-have hardware. 

The supply issues are reported around the world, but we spotchecked a few products on the UK store to be sure. At the time of writing, iPhone 13 Pro and Pro Max handsets have delays of the end of November in all colours and configurations, as does the new iPad mini.

It’s the same story for the new 16-inch MacBook Pro. The 14-inch version is only slightly better, with three-week delays forecast instead of four. The worst impacted device seems to be the Apple Watch 7 and regular iPad, with predicted delivery dates for devices ordered today already creeping into December. 

Still, it’s not that bad across the board. The regular iPhone 13 seemed better, with options available for delivery between 2 and 4 November. And the same was unsurprisingly true for the apparently unloved mini version.

Of course, that demand can change quickly — especially if Pro buyers in a hurry are forced to go for the regular model, potentially moving shortages to a whole new area. Even the elderly iPhone 11 isn’t completely immune, with estimated delivery dates of mid November if ordered today.

All of this suggests that those looking to buy an Apple product for Christmas would be advised to buy sooner rather than later. According to Bloomberg, Apple store employees say that this supply situation is “the bleakest in years”, and with sales tending to peak around the holiday season, it may be that the current shortage is nothing compared to what’s around the corner when Christmas shopping begins to pick up the pace.