I tried the new Dyson WashG1 and its self-cleaning is disgustingly satisfying

Dyson launches the WashG1, its first wet floor cleaner that I need for my house

Dyson WashG1
(Image credit: Dyson)

Dyson has just announced its first wet floor cleaner, the Dyson WashG1. The new floor cleaner has highly absorbent rollers, a self-cleaning design and features Dyson’s new separation technology.

The Dyson WashG1 is available to buy at Dyson for £599.99.

Dyson has just announced its newest floorcare product, the Dyson WashG1. The launch marks the brand’s first ever wet floor cleaner, and features Dyson’s new separation technology to hygienically clean hard floors and pick-up both wet and dry debris.

Well known for its best Dyson vacuum cleaners, Dyson has started to expand into wet floor cleaning. Last year, Dyson debuted its first 2-in-1 floor cleaner, the Dyson V15s Detect Submarine, which has two interchangeable heads to take it from a vacuum to a mop and back again.

But now, Dyson is launching the WashG1, a dedicated wet floor cleaner designed for hardwood and non-carpeted floors. With just one cleaning head, the WashG1 acts as a mop and with its own docking and self-cleaning station, it’s the cleanest and most hygienic way to mop your floor.

The head of the Dyson WashG1 consists of two highly absorbent microfibre filament rollers that counter-rotate to remove spills and stains and pick-up the occasional debris at the same time. The rollers work alongside a pulse-modulated pump that distributes water evenly through 26 hydration points along the width of each roller. The pump ensures a consistent amount of clean water is added to the floor at a time, so the surface isn’t too wet and slippery after mopping.

Dyson WashG1

(Image credit: Dyson)

If you’ve ever used a traditional mop and bucket, you’ll know that after you mop one area and dip it back into the bucket, you’re effectively washing your floor with dirty water. But the WashG1 has been engineered with Dyson’s new separation technology that features two transparent compartments within the body of the device that divides wet and clean water. One section holds and filters the clean water through to the head, while the other section holds the dirty water.

Alongside the rollers within the WashG1’s head is a debris tray. As the dirty water is extracted from the rollers via extraction plates, the brush bars remove dirt and put it into the tray, so the floor cleaner can also be used to pick-up the occasional wet and dry debris while it mops. 

The Dyson WashG1 has a classic Dyson design, complete with bright blue colouring and a comfortable handle. It has a 1-litre clean water tank and three modes depending on the hydration level you choose, as well as a separate boost mode to remove seriously stubborn stains.

I was invited to try out the Dyson WashG1 myself, and it’s quickly become a must-have in my home. I have hardwood floors throughout my living room and kitchen, and I easily get through three or four wet cloths during one clean, so the Dyson WashG1 appealed to me immediately, especially with its self-cleaning process.

Dyson WashG1

(Image credit: Dyson)

I used the Dyson WashG1 to clean up ketchup, salsa and coffee, and I found using the wet floor cleaner to be a lightweight breeze. Dried-on stains were a little tougher but they only took about three wipe-overs before the stain disappeared. The rollers worked really well, and the separation technology was very impressive to see in person.

The best part of the Dyson WashG1 (which might sound gross) is the self-cleaning. Once the Dyson WashG1 has finished cleaning, you can put it back in its dock to self-clean and it’s disgustingly satisfying to watch, as it makes lots of gurgling and whirring noises to fully clean the rollers and tank. Having said that, you still have to remove the tray and dirty water compartment for a full clean, but this is pretty typical, even with most robot vacuum cleaners.

After trying the Dyson WashG1, it’s on my list of cleaning products that I need to buy for my house next. The Dyson WashG1 is now available to buy at Dyson for £599.99.

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