I tried Davina McCall’s yoga routine and I felt energised and ready to conquer the day

How TV presenter, Davina McCall stays in shape and her favourite yoga routine

Davina McCall yoga workout
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Yoga has quickly become a go-to way to stay toned, maintain flexibility and release stress after a long day. From in-person classes to YouTube tutorials, many people have been grabbing their best yoga mat, including celebrities and public figures.

TV presenter, Davina McCall is best known for presenting Big Brother, as a judge on The Masked Singer and her newest show, My Mum, Your Dad is all anyone is talking about right now. But despite her successful TV career, she’s quickly become a huge voice in the fitness industry with her Own Your Goals fitness app and her many workout videos.

I used to do McCall’s ‘My Three 30 Minute Workouts’ all the time when I was a teenager. My mum and I used to do the Cardio Box one together, so much so that when I hear any of the music from the workout, I immediately start punching! I’ve been trying to get into yoga for a while so when I saw McCall posted a yoga routine to her Instagram, I decided to give it a try and it left me feeling energised and ready to conquer the day.

What is Davina McCall’s workout routine?

Davina McCall puts a lot of time and effort into her exercise regimen and often works out six days a week. She has an incredibly toned body, particularly her core and abs which are insanely strong. Her workout DVDs, the first of which came out in 2004, were a mix of cardio, balance and weight training, and she still carries on with this combination in her workout routines.

As stated in a Women’s Health article, McCall does a lot of boxing, Pilates, yoga, running and takes walks every day. To push herself further and target more muscles in her workouts, she also wears weighted gloves, and she uses kettlebells and dumbbells too for strength training.

How to do Davina McCall’s yoga routine

On Davina McCall’s Instagram page, she showed a quick 20 minute yoga workout, that’s a mix of holding and pulsing poses, so it had a good mix of cardio, stretching and focusing on the core.

Davina McCall yoga routine on Instagram

Davina McCall yoga routine on Instagram

(Image credit: Instagram)

I gave this yoga routine a go in the morning before I started work. I have terrible balance so I was a bit wobbly in the deep lunging poses so early in the morning, but to steady myself, I worked on my ab muscles which definitely made a big difference. The flutter kicks also targeted and challenged my core and while it was painful, I felt a lot stronger afterwards.

I hate lunges with a passion but the twisted lunges felt amazing after a long night’s sleep. I tend to sleep in a curled up position so stretching out in this pose released all the tension in my muscles, particularly my chest. Finishing in Padmasana or the lotus position allowed me to breathe deeply and meditate. It felt good to have some movement and quiet time to myself, and I finished the routine feeling energised and ready for the day ahead.

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