I tried Fearne Cotton’s yoga routine and I’ve never felt so relaxed

Fearne Cotton’s yoga routine is the perfect flow to reset the mind and body

Fearne Cotton yoga routine
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Many public figures and celebrities enjoy sculpting their bodies and releasing frustrations through yoga, and Fearne Cotton is no exception. DJ, presenter and podcast host, Fearne Cotton has always been vocal about her passion for yoga, breathwork and meditation, so I decided to try her 30 minute Mind and Body Reset Yoga Workout… and I’ve never felt so relaxed.

As shown on her Instagram and stated on her popular podcast, Happy Place, Cotton enjoys practicing yoga to relax, reset and rejuvenate. I’ve not been feeling my best lately so I wanted to take extra care of myself with a revitalising yoga flow. After a quick search, I found a yoga class from Cotton in collaboration with ex-rugby player Richie Norton.

The full body yoga flow on the Happy Place YouTube channel resets and energises the mind and uses the power of breathwork to deepen the body’s movements and relax the mind. So, I grabbed my best yoga mat and gave Fearne Cotton’s yoga routine a try… and it’s the perfect 30 minute flow to add to your nighttime routine. 

What is Fearne Cotton’s workout routine?

In multiple interviews and on her social media, Cotton has said that she enjoys running for cardio and strength training in the form of HIIT sessions. While she doesn’t do too much weight lifting, she does like using the best kettlebells and has incredible upper body strength which helps her with tricky yoga poses, like the crane.

Yoga is definitely the biggest priority when it comes to Cotton’s workout routine and how she likes to take care of her body. Her toned abs and arms are a testament to her commitment to yoga, but she also likes to try different flows that work on breathing and relaxation. In her column in Grazia, Cotton mentioned that yoga nidra is one of her favourite yoga styles, and involves slowing everything down into a deep relaxation that induces a state of ‘yogic sleep’.

In an interview with Stylist, Cotton mentioned that she focuses on stretching and yoga because she wants “a good range of movement rather than being tense, stiff and rigid, and feel liberated in my body.” Alongside enjoying her practices and strengthening her body, Cotton has also credited yoga as building strength and stamina in her other workouts like running. 

How to do Fearne Cotton’s yoga routine

As an avid runner, I decided to try a yoga routine from Cotton that focused on deep stretches, in the hope that my legs wouldn’t be so sore after my running workouts. I’ve also not been feeling very well so I wanted something that wouldn’t be too challenging and was more relaxing than intense, which is what led me to find this 30 minute Mind and Body Reset Yoga Workout.

Starting in a cross legged position, I loved how the routine focused on breathwork as a priority. I found that this made a huge difference in connecting with myself and really feeling each movement. The stretches and poses felt deep without too much strain, especially in my back, sides and hips.

After focusing on stretching and breathing, I loved ending the routine with the happy baby pose and lying in savasana to relax and wind down. This yoga routine is definitely a great beginners workout and a calming way to get ready for bed. If you fancy more bedtime yoga, try this 20 minute yoga flow for better sleep.

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