iPhone 11, move over: Huawei P40 with under-screen camera to launch next week

You probably won't be able to buy it, though

Huawei P40
(Image credit: Future)

Huawei has started sending out invitations to an event it's holding in Paris on October 17, where it's expected to announce an all-screen smartphone with an under-screen camera, which some rumour-spinners believe to be the Huawei P40

We can kind of see why, too – Huawei typically announces its latest P Series handsets in the French capita. However, considering the Huawei P20 was launched in April 2018 and the Huawei P30 in March 2019, it's highly unlikely this is the Huawei P40.

To add fuel to the fire, the invitation states (after being translated to English) that Huawei will use the gathering as a chance to release a new range of smartphones. Some tipsters speculate this will be the Huawei P40; but again, we aren't sold. 

As such, we're inclined to believe we're looking at one of two things: 1) A new smartphone series that's not related to the Huawei P40; or 2) a showcase event to demonstrate the all-screen tech ahead of the launch of the Huawei P40 in 2020.

Our money's on the former.

Considering the Huawei Mate 30 and Huawei Mate 30 Pro were launched in September without Google Apps and Services, and are still yet to debut outside of China as a result, it's tough (nigh on impossible) to forecast Huawei's next move.

(Image credit: Jeb Su)

As far as we know, Huawei hasn't struck a deal with President Trump that'll allow it to utilise Google Apps and Services once again. Thus, we can't help but think we're looking at an extravagant launch for a device destined for the Chinese market.

Regardless, manufacturers have been desperately trying to launch an all-screen smartphone with an under-screen camera – so all eyes will be on Huawei on October 17 to see if it's succeeded. If it has, it won't be long till other makers follow suit.

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