How to watch The Bad Batch on Disney Plus - stream the new Star Wars show online now

Will the Force be strong in this new animated Star Wars adventure series? You can now watch The Bad Batch on Disney Plus in full as the show hits the streaming service

watch The Bad Batch online
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Send in the clones! Arriving on Disney Plus in time for the May 4th Star Wars Day celebrations is The Bad Batch - a new CGI animated series that continues to expand the stories of a galaxy far, far away.

Set in the aftermath of the Clone Wars, the show follows a crew of genetically-enhanced soldiers that break from the rule of the evil Empire's Admiral Tarkin and go on the run.

The show is created by Dave Filoni, the brains behind the much-loved Star Wars: The Clone Wars animated show and the writer and director of a number of key episodes of The Mandalorian.

Read on for your full guide on how to watch The Bad Batch on Disney Plus from anywhere around the world.

When can I watch The Bad Batch on Disney Plus?

The Bad Batch landed on the Disney Plus streaming service on May 4 (Star Wars Day, no less), with the series premiering with a special feature-length 70-minute opening episode. 

From then on, regular new 30 minute episodes will be released on the streaming service weekly on Fridays, starting from May 7.

How to watch The Bad Batch online on Disney Plus

As with all things Star Wars these days, The Bad Batch is exclusive to Disney Plus and you'll need an account with the service to watch this much anticipated show. 

First things first, you'll need to sign up to Disney Plus where you'll then choose whether you pay on a monthly or yearly basis. The former will set you back $7.99 a month (£7.99/€8.99/CA$11.99/AU$11.99), whilst the latter annual subscription comes to a better value $79.99 a year (£79.90/€89.90/CA$119.99/AU$119.99)

US customers also have the option of a third package. Get Disney Plus, Hulu and ESPN Plus in one $13.99 monthly subscription, allowing you to enjoy a huge library of Disney magic, as well as Hulu's repertoire of entertainment and ESPN+'s live sports coverage.

In terms of the devices you can watch The Bad Batch on, the Disney+ app can be found on the likes of FireTV, Smart TVs, Apple TV, Roku, Chromecast, Desktop, iOS, Android, PlayStation and Xbox consoles.

Disney Plus: $7.99 a month or $79.99 a year

Disney Plus: $7.99 a month or $79.99 a year
Boasting a huge library of content for all the family, get access to Disney and Pixar movies and TV, as well as Fox and National Geographic content. From Marvel to Star Wars, The Simpsons to Hannah Montana, there really is something for everyone, especially if you make the most of that combo Disney Plus, Hulu and ESPN Plus package for $13.99 a month.

Disney Plus: What is The Bad Batch about?

First introduced in The Clone Wars, the Bad Batch are an elite, yet experimental group of cloned soldiers that vary genetically from their brothers in the Clone Army, while also lacking full obedience to Admiral Tarkin.

The show follows the rise of the Galactic Empire in the immediate aftermath of Order 66 through the eyes of the squad as they go on an adventure of survival and self-discovery.  

Each member of the squad possess their own unique skill - Hunter is an expert tracker, Tech is the brains, Wrecker is the man-mountain brawn, Crosshair an unparalleled sniper, while former ARC trooper Echo is a half-droid, half-clone partner for Tech.

The squad are joined by the mysterious Omega, a human child that tags on to the group, while the show promises to feature some familiar characters from Star Wars lore along the way, including Saw Gerrera and Fennec Shand. 

If tall that's got you psyched for The Bad Batch, why not check out the official trailer below to make sure and sign yourself up for that Disney Plus membership if you haven't already.

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