How to watch Meta Connect, will we see the Meta Quest 3 today?

Is today the day we all join the Metaverse?

Meta Quest Pro VR headset being worn by a woman
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Welcome everyone to what could be the last day of fleshy boring lives, with the Meta Connect event today who knows what kind of Metaverse flavoured realities Mark Zuckerberg and co have in store for us? 

The big potential release is the Meta Quest 3, the third generation of the company's mixed reality headset that is due for release before the end of 2023, and well... there's not that much of the year left. As a result. we're expecting to see plenty of the headset and maybe even get a release date today. 

How to watch Meta Connect 2023

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Funnily enough, Meta's event will be shown live on Facebook via the company's own Facebook page. The stream will start today, September 27th at 6 PM BST/1 PM ET/ 10 AM PT/ 3 AM AEST (Sept. 28).

If you're really obsessed with VR and the Metaverse then there will also be a post-stream developer conference on Meta's own Meta for Developers Facebook page.

At T3 we will also of course bring you the latest news and reaction as it happens. 

What to expect at Meta Connect

Meta Quest Pro

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The biggest spectre looming over this event is the Meta Quest 3. Looking to beat the likes of the Apple Vision Pro to the market, Meta's mixed reality headset was revealed in July and should form a significant part of this event. Previous headsets have been gaming-focused and while the Quest 3 will be the same, it will also introduce "Meta-Reality" Meta's take on mixed reality. Offering a cheaper (i.e. not £4000) alternative to Apple's upcoming headset, the Quest 3 is confirmed to launch at $499.

Those of us with a love of VR but also a keen sense of style will also be hoping for a new pair of Meta Smart Glasses made in partnership with Ray-Ban.

As far as hardware is concerned, that's probably it (although there are always surprises) but you can probably count on a bunch of new AI-focused Metaverse features and perhaps any news for Instagram and Facebook. We also expect a lot of love for its newest social media platform, Threads.  

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