How to watch the Apple March 8 event live

The iPhone SE 3 5G is rumored to be coming at Apple's Peek Performance event. But what else has Tim been cooking?

Apple Peek Performance Spring Event 2022
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The 2022 Apple Event is happening today on March 8 2022 at 6pm GMT / 10am PST / 1pm EST, and you'll be able to watch live as Apple reveals what is heavily rumoured to be its latest budget iPhone, the iPhone SE 3 5G, a new tablet for non-pro users, the iPad Air (2022), and hopefully some powerful new Macs, too.

We will be covering the event, which Apple is calling its "Peek Performance" show, live so be sure to stay glued to today for all the latest news.

To watch Apple's Peek Performance show live when it starts, simply click the video below:

You'll be able to watch online at, on your Apple TV or live on Apple's YouTube page, too.

So what can we expect from the 2022 Apple event? So far, to be very clear, nothing has been officially confirmed (after all, that's what today's show is for), however, here's what we think we'll see based on leaks and rumours.

iPhone SE 3 5G

iPhone SE 2020

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The iPhone SE 3 5G is likely to be the star of the Spring event, and we know lots about it but not the price tag: some rumours have predicted a rock-bottom price and maybe even an extended, lower-priced life for the existing model. Expect to see the new iPhone SE with an A15 Bionic chipset and a very similar design to the current model.

Apple iPad Air 2020

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iPad Air (2022)

I think the iPad Air is Apple's best tablet, delivering impressive performance for a fairly low price, and a new iPad Air is expected to be unveiled this week. 5G is likely to come to the cellular model and we're also expecting the A15 Bionic processor and a much better front-facing camera for video calling.

Apple Mac mini M1

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Mac Studio

This is a brand new rumour: a new, higher performance Mac mini aimed more for pro users. The Mac Studio would deliver MacBook Pro performance to desktop users and should still be small enough to fit under your monitor.

M2-powered MacBooks

MacBook Pro 13 2020

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We're expecting to see the latest generation of Apple's M-series silicon this week, most likely in new M2 laptops – probably a refreshed 13-inch MacBook Pro, but maybe also a revamped, multi-coloured MacBook Airs. If it's the latter (which we don't think will happen yet, but certainly could), expect a radical redesign: the current MacBook Air kept the design of the Intel models and focused purely on the inside, but this time around Apple is planning to change the outside too.

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